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When you’re feeling completely bleak and not really in the mood for anything fun, what better way to put a smile on your face than leaving the house and finding your garage door graffiti’d with your name and a big smiley face!!

Thanks mrb x


Cooking Challenge

It was mrb’s birthday on Monday and I asked him what he wanted (after 14 years together, I need a bit of inspiration, ok!)

So, besides a new kite & board (!) he’s asked for 5 home cooked meals. Now I don’t cook, never have, and never intended to… so this is a real challenge for me. My negotiating skills are better than my cooking skills, so I have bargained him down to 3 evening meals and 2 breakfasts. The only restriction I have, is that the meals can’t be bought (take aways) and they can’t be served between 2 slices of bread.

I did offer to put the peanut butter straight onto the plate, but apparently that wasn’t good enough!

So, while I’ve been panicking a little bit, ka has come to the rescue with a cook book she thinks I can get on with:

Anyone got any good (easy-peasy) recipe ideas for me??

Happy Fathers Day

A special note to my Dad: Happy Father’s Day! Thanks for Everything – Love you Lots!

This morning we met mrb’s dad (crb + m) for breakfast at Knead in Muizenberg. That place always pumps, but we managed to get a seat outside and enjoy a really yummy breakfast. They devoured their breakfast pizza’s which is always a winner. My more conservative scrambled eggs on toast was very good if not as glamourous! (Next time we have to try the Burger Pizza!)

It was just such a beautifully, perfect day. Father & son hired boardsand wetsuites and headed off for the surf while us girls chatted on the beach, soaking up the sun and being entertained by.. well: A guy wearing pink pantoffels and board shorts. A couple so drunk we couldnt work out if they’d started early this Sunday morning or if they were still going from Saturday, but we doubled over when she leaned down to roll up her jeans and landed on her face! Shame. At one point there was a little stunt plane flying up and down the beach – loop-di-loops and barrol rolls. Just as m decided she’d fetch the coffee flask from the car the boys appeared (as if by magic!) A quick coffee and they were back in the surf for another hour.

We finally left some time after 2:30. Headed home just long enough to shower / change and meet up at The Toad for the Italy / NZ game. Cheering like mad for Italy – wearing all the Azzurri colours and crying in agony at every saved goal (5 saved??) I have to take my hat off to that NZ goal keeper – a brilliant job!! In the end we didnt lose (shew!) but we did draw, which for the world champs… well let me not get into that here…

It was a very cool Fathers Day 🙂  Thanks crb for being an awesome Dad-in-law!!

Despite mrb’s absolute loathing for any school, especially his very own high school, we still made there for the Shark Spotters Comedy Fund-raising night. Maby it helped that we could smoke and drink on school property (that’s twice for me in less than a week!)

j-a.g, mrb, d&n-n & I went to watch Mark Sampson (a local-schmocal with what used to be blonde dreds but now has a blonde mullet) and Nik Rabinowitz do their comedy thang… it was all in aid of raising funds for the shark spotters whose jobs, while boring and underpaid are incredibly important! (For those of you who don’t know – we have a small problem in False Bay called the man-eating Great White Shark. The Shark Spotters sit on the mountains and watch for sharks. When they see them, they flag the guys on the beach and get everyone out of the water. And mostly, this system works – especially for lack of any other method!)

Waffle, waffle… Anyway, so both comedians were brilliant – Mark knowing the local area well enough to rip us all to shreds; managed to keep us in stitches for most of the night. We were also introduced to a local Oceanview group called the 783 Hip Hop Movement, who will be performing at one of the SWC ceremonies or games. Brilliantly talented kids – I loved listening to them and they enjoyed themselves so much on stage. One kid had on a gold sequenced cap,which I couldn’t tear my eyes away from. Another thought that he was one of the headline comedians and did his bit to keep us laughing.

Nik Rabinowitz, I think, was probably the main reason so many of us made it out (over 500 people showed up, I heard). I hadn’t really heard much of his material before (aside from the odd clip on Fresh’s show) but had heard awesome reviews. The guy is BRILLIANT! He does ALL the South African accents, the facial expressions, the personalities and his command of the African languages makes his show absolutely priceless 🙂

It ran on from 7pm till after 10pm and with the exception of a 20 – 30 min interval, we were pretty much rocking back and forth in our seats in fits of laughter all night long! Awesome show!!


Online is a weird world where you can hide from anything real. Well every once in a while though something real comes along and, well, I just *have* to participate. Remember ODWOS? And  “Running with Scissors“? That was a random but totally fun event!

So, a little while ago, I came across “The Heart Sticker Revolution” blog and I loved the idea immediately:

to fill the world with love joy and peace. one sticker at a time.

I sent along my details and waited for my set of stickers to arrive.  A few weeks later, while at work, I suddenly thought: “Hey! I wonder where my stickers are??” They had arrived that day, which made it all the more exciting.

So… armed with my heart stickers and on a mission to be part of the heart sticker revolution; my camera & I  set about spreading the love. Today they published a selection of my photos – take a look here:


🙂 🙂 🙂

What more could I ask for?

After a slightly shitty day, I came home and thought “stuff that, lets get out of here”. I took my wonderful mrb out for dinner. We(he) opted for Satori in Kalk Bay for some home made pasta / pizza. Usually when we eat out, mr.b will be ordering the bill while I still have a mouthful of my dinner – no chance of getting in that extra drink and you can totally forget about desert.

Tonight was different – tonight we sat and chatted and even though I had to send my pasta back (it was overcooked!) and had to wait for a new one, it didn’t seem to matter. We chatted and ate and laughed and drank and covered serious conversation and then had Italian kisses and laughed some more and had espresso… and eventually went home.

We then started the fire, put a movie on, got in our pj’s and gowns, cuddled up with the kittens(little lions) and watched movies till our eyes wouldn’t stay open anymore.

It was a super awesome evening – YAY us!


Prime Circle were playing at a local Afrikaans school for some or other reason and while I am a huge fan and while they were just about playing in my backyard… I just could not bring myself to go joling with the teeny boppers.

So ka and I decided to decicate a night to them in our own special way:

P is for Prime Circle

P is for Peroni (s)

P is for Pedicures

P is for Parlotones (turns out i-tunes was on shuffle and it kept shuffling to Parlotones instead of just playing Prime Cirlce!)

We had music and foot spas and wine and mrb cooked a delicious supper, chilled out talking girly stuff in front of the fire.

Not exactly the Friday night of my yoot, but was very cool indeed!

Afrika Burn 2010

We went to AB last year for the first time and we were so totally blown away, that we promised to go again this year (and every other year that we possibly can)

We’ve tried to convince lots of people to come along and YAY for us n&r-m decided to plan their entire holiday to SA around this one event. I am sure they will tell you that they are super-stoked that they did.

This year was phenomenal! Ok, it did take us 9 hours to get there from CT thanks to a fully loaded VW van + trailer and a moerse big road block on the N1.

But we did get there – just after mid-night on Friday. n&r-m rang the virgin bell. Hell, so did mrb and I 🙂

We hastily pitched a tent and went off exploring in the night. We stayed out most of the night – I certainly saw the sun come up! In fact now that I think about it, I could not have had all too many hours sleep during the entire weekend!

We saw gigantic leggos (“letgo”) and a massive rubik’s cube. We huddled in a tiny little-old-ladies room in the middle of the desert, drinking our beer.

We saw the actual ‘boerewors gordyn’ and peered at the moon through a telescope.  We sat under an octopus and in a Bedouin tent.

We handed out painted rocks and chalk boards and blew bubbles. We created a Theo Jansen look-a-like and made it walk! We saw all the colourful lights of the night and felt the warmth of the burns.

We heard the anvil! We rode on the desert pirate ship and cycled on our pimped up bicycles all night long.

We played soccer on a field wearing binocular lenses the wrong way around. We danced and huddled by the fire. We made friends.

We swam in a freezing cold dam in the desert. We ran through the echo. We walked to and fed the triple bypass *lots* of times. We saw the floating balloons and found the charred snowman. We encouraged the pendulum to swing all the way around.

You *have* to come next year!

SCIO – Biofeedback

I’m always interested at looking into anything from mainstream beliefs to alternative therapies. I believe that between we each of us, we all have a little piece of the knowledge pie. The answers lie partly in spirituality, partly in science, partly in Chinese medicine, in reflexology, in “the secret”, definitely in the magical world of quantum mechanics and all the others theories and methods. I don’t discount anything because the more I know and experience, the more I see how interconnected everything seems to be.

So when I first heard about SCIO – Biofeedback, I was especially interested. SCIO stands for Scientific Consciousness. You can read more about it here, but in a nutshell, using frequencies, they scan your body’s ability to hold a certain frequency during times of stress. They have ‘before’ and ‘after’ readings because once they have initially checked your frequencies and compared them against the ‘norm’, they can then apply therapies using different frequencies to help improve your situation.

I went for my first session today. Tight-lipped throughout the whole session, not wanting to ‘give anything away’ I sat in the very comfy lazy-boy. Put on a headband that was attached to the SCIO machine, which was, in turn attached to the laptop, monitored and operated by the therapist. I sat there for over an hour. Dozing on and off, listening to gentle music in the background.

To give you an example, the initial readings scan for:

Voltage (Inner Drive & Adrenal Function)

Amperage (Life Force Energy & Vitality)

Resistance (Immune System)

Hydration (Water Absorption)

Oxygenation (Oxygen Absorption)

Proton Pressure (PH Balance)

Electron Pressure (Emotional Stress Levels)

Your report gives you before and after readings as well as what the ‘norm’ is. Overall, after my session, I had an 86% improvement on my results. It was interesting to see where I was stronger (Amperage (Life Force Energy & Vitality)) and where I was weaker (Electron Pressure (Emotional Stress Levels)).

From there,  the therapy continues into much greater detail. What was especially interesting, and what seemed to come up quite strongly, was that my frustration levels are very high. The therapist said that she detected that I seem to put all others before myself and that I have to “reduce worry” (this was my ‘unconscionable choice of therapy’!)

All this pretty much hit the nail on the head. If you know that the very reason I created this blog was because of my decision to change my life. It started with my frustration at work coming to an all time high followed by a drastic decision made last week to chuck it all in. By documenting it, I am actively looking FTW in my life.

Next in the report were my chakras and aura image. My chakra’s were all nicely lined up YAY). The colours of my aura also changed during treatment. The most significant change was much more green around the outside of the image after treatment (green = Relates to heart and lungs. It is a very comfortable, healthy color of nature. When seen in the aura this usually represents growth and balance, and most of all, something that leads to change. Love of people, animals, nature; teacher; social). I also saw  some light / pastel colours closer to the middle of the image, which wasn’t there before (pastel = A sensitive blend of light and color, more so than basic colors. Shows sensitivity and a need for serenity.)

So again, there is a sense of needing to chill out, calm down, relax, take it easy and make a change. Ironically of course, mrb has been saying this for many months now…

The last page shows the flower essences and Bach remedies that my body ‘resonates with’. Based on this table, the therapist gave me frequency therapy matching to these flower essences.  I had 6 therapies in total, the last one (most needed one) being Mesquiet (flower essence used for “Opening of oneself to abundance & pleasure“)

Lastly there is the ‘sensitivity’ list. I am most sensitive to certain food additives, certain spices and celery (of all things!). Also high up on the list is a sensitivity to tobacco =  “Sensitivity, can id toxic build up in lung and body cells”. I stopped smoking in Feb (with the exception of one or two drunken nights). Scary Stuff.

So, all in all I think it was totally worth it. I was physically exhausted after the session. It can be quite emotional, but I am good at bottling stuff up, so was OK on that note.

I have another appointment booked for 2 weeks time.

Our 2009 Christmas presents to each other was a set of tickets to the Mafia Island Dance Festival in August this year. Today (after a few delays!) I have confirmed our flights from CPT – Dar – CPT!

Very exciting!

The festival is from the 1 – 15 Aug and is limited to 3000 tickets world wide. It’s going to be 2 full weeks of beach parties / tanning / snorkling / relaxing / diving / swimming / sleeping / hiking / kiting… WoW. I can’t wait!

I will finish up at work tbc but no later than 23rd of July, so at least I will have a full week off to prepare. We’ll be camping and so will need to take a tent, our costumes, a towel, sun block and some books to read.

I can deal with that!

Having been to Tanzania before (Our Kili climb in Feb 09) I kind of know what to expect – which is also why I am sooo excited! WooT!

Anyone coming??