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Afrika Burn – “Legs”

Remember my brief summary about Afrika Burn from last month?

Here is the brief, visual version (a huge thanks to mr.m and mrs. m for taking the time to put this together!)

The link if you need it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyYrxHHFwwY


Afrika Burn 2010

We went to AB last year for the first time and we were so totally blown away, that we promised to go again this year (and every other year that we possibly can)

We’ve tried to convince lots of people to come along and YAY for us n&r-m decided to plan their entire holiday to SA around this one event. I am sure they will tell you that they are super-stoked that they did.

This year was phenomenal! Ok, it did take us 9 hours to get there from CT thanks to a fully loaded VW van + trailer and a moerse big road block on the N1.

But we did get there – just after mid-night on Friday. n&r-m rang the virgin bell. Hell, so did mrb and I 🙂

We hastily pitched a tent and went off exploring in the night. We stayed out most of the night – I certainly saw the sun come up! In fact now that I think about it, I could not have had all too many hours sleep during the entire weekend!

We saw gigantic leggos (“letgo”) and a massive rubik’s cube. We huddled in a tiny little-old-ladies room in the middle of the desert, drinking our beer.

We saw the actual ‘boerewors gordyn’ and peered at the moon through a telescope.  We sat under an octopus and in a Bedouin tent.

We handed out painted rocks and chalk boards and blew bubbles. We created a Theo Jansen look-a-like and made it walk! We saw all the colourful lights of the night and felt the warmth of the burns.

We heard the anvil! We rode on the desert pirate ship and cycled on our pimped up bicycles all night long.

We played soccer on a field wearing binocular lenses the wrong way around. We danced and huddled by the fire. We made friends.

We swam in a freezing cold dam in the desert. We ran through the echo. We walked to and fed the triple bypass *lots* of times. We saw the floating balloons and found the charred snowman. We encouraged the pendulum to swing all the way around.

You *have* to come next year!

Learning to drive the 400D

Last night Mrs.M came over while the boys were out drinking. I have borrowed her Canon 400D for a couple of weeks. This was lesson number 3 on how to use it. Baring in mind that lessons 1 & 2 covered same settings as 3. I just keep forgetting!

But I may have remembered some basics at least.

On the AV setting you choose your aperture. Aperture = how in focus your photo will be.

So on AV, I can change my “F” setting. This allows me to choose how much detail I want included in the photo on the areas where I am not focussed. The higher the F, the more of the photo will be in focus; the more detail I will be able to make out in the background. And visa versa: the lower the F, the less focussed the background will be.

I can also change my ISO setting – which has to do with how much ambient light there is. Daylight = 200 – 400 ISO, whereas at night, we can go up to an 800 or more. I think that the higher we go the more noise there is. And noise = the grainy / grey bits in the photo. Is that right ?

What I cannot change on this AV setting is the “time” (shutter speed). That is worked out automatically based on my ISO + F Settings and what I am focussed on.

I can also change the exposure on this setting. Over-exposed = positive values and the image comes out very bright. Under-exposed = negative values and the image comes out very dark.

Then I had a go at the TV setting.

The options are similar above, except here, I choose the time (shutter speed) and the “F” is then automatically calculated based on the time + ISO setting chosen. If the shutter speed is quick (less time) it will give you an instant in time photo whereas a long shutter speed will allow you to get more movement into the photo. So if I want to take a photo of waves breaking or do some torch writing at night, car lights etc, all would be on a slow shutter speed (more time). Defo need a tri-pod for this though!

Then we talked about the lenses… I am using a 17 – 85mm zoom. This is a good ‘all rounder’, which is good for portraits + wider / bigger shots. I also played with either a 50 or 55mm lens. No zoom on this one, so what I see is what I will get in my photo. I think the 50 – 85mm range is the good size for Portraits?  Hmm I will need a refresher on the lenses 🙂

Then there is the format that the photos are saved in on the card. It seems to be that if I use the ‘automatic’ setting then the images are saved in .jpg and if I choose to use the av or tv then they are in cr2 (raw setting?) If I remember correctly I can edit the images further in the raw format by actually changing the settings, etc as opposed to normal photo manipulation in image editing software? Not sure about this yet – but then the editing is another project for another day.

For now there is plenty “basics” to get my head around. But I think its going to be fun.

Chit Chat

After another day at Builders Warehouse (were you there too??) we came home + unpakced the car. mrb did the right thing after a day like today by making off with his board + his kite heading for the wind swept beach.

Within minutes I got a frantic call from mrs.m demanding that I come over and drink wine on the balcony right away. Of course I obliged. 🙂 From the balcony in Simon’s Town using some magical mega-zoom lens, we managed to take photos of Glencairn Beach where mrb + j.o’d were spotted rolling up their kites! Pretty impressive!

Later, while mrs.m cooked a delicious dinner, the boys were going over the tech. specs. for their (*surprise*) for Afrika Burn. 🙂 I think its going to be awesome. Us girls, of course, are just waiting for a complete product so that we can decorate it!

After dinner we sat outside and we all talked and talked and talked and then it was midnight. Its amazing how time can just disappear when you are in very good company.  Love you guys xx

Pizza @ The Toad

Still one of my absolute favourites – Camembert, smoked chicken & cranberry on a pizza @ The Toad in the Village (Noordhoek)

We spent a wonderful evening with bestest friends R&N.m + the ou toppies :o)

PS: You can find them on twitter on http://twitter.com/thetoadSA