Despite mrb’s absolute loathing for any school, especially his very own high school, we still made there for the Shark Spotters Comedy Fund-raising night. Maby it helped that we could smoke and drink on school property (that’s twice for me in less than a week!)

j-a.g, mrb, d&n-n & I went to watch Mark Sampson (a local-schmocal with what used to be blonde dreds but now has a blonde mullet) and Nik Rabinowitz do their comedy thang… it was all in aid of raising funds for the shark spotters whose jobs, while boring and underpaid are incredibly important! (For those of you who don’t know – we have a small problem in False Bay called the man-eating Great White Shark. The Shark Spotters sit on the mountains and watch for sharks. When they see them, they flag the guys on the beach and get everyone out of the water. And mostly, this system works – especially for lack of any other method!)

Waffle, waffle… Anyway, so both comedians were brilliant – Mark knowing the local area well enough to rip us all to shreds; managed to keep us in stitches for most of the night. We were also introduced to a local Oceanview group called the 783 Hip Hop Movement, who will be performing at one of the SWC ceremonies or games. Brilliantly talented kids – I loved listening to them and they enjoyed themselves so much on stage. One kid had on a gold sequenced cap,which I couldn’t tear my eyes away from. Another thought that he was one of the headline comedians and did his bit to keep us laughing.

Nik Rabinowitz, I think, was probably the main reason so many of us made it out (over 500 people showed up, I heard). I hadn’t really heard much of his material before (aside from the odd clip on Fresh’s show) but had heard awesome reviews. The guy is BRILLIANT! He does ALL the South African accents, the facial expressions, the personalities and his command of the African languages makes his show absolutely priceless 🙂

It ran on from 7pm till after 10pm and with the exception of a 20 – 30 min interval, we were pretty much rocking back and forth in our seats in fits of laughter all night long! Awesome show!!