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If you haven’t yet, sign up here: TODAY is the beginning of MOVEMBER for all our boys (and some girls??) to raise awareness for CANSA! You *must* be clean shaven today – I want before and after evidence!

The following IMPORTANT information (from 2Oceansvibe)




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j-a.g & I watched The Social Network courtesy of Ster Kinekor & 2 Oceansvibe last night… the theatre was filled with local bloggers, of which we only recognised one! We collected our free popcorn (most of which, ended up on the floor!) plus coke and settled in to watch a movie about Facebook.

Tbh – I really wasn’t sure what to expect; I mean I am on Facebook most days and so couldn’t really imagine what the movie would be about? Turns out, it’s basically all about how the social networking site came about and the ups and downs of the early days. The movie was actually really enjoyable; a good cast, very funny dialogue and I’d recommend you watch it even if you aren’t a Facebook fan.

At least being crapped on by a sea gull the other day wasn’t for nothing… I received my FREE movie (+ 1) invitation to a pre-public preview of  THE SOCIAL NETWORK movie (the facebook movie!) at Cavendish. So of course I *have* take my social networking accomplice (j-a.g) with this tonight:


I will review this later in the hopes of getting MORE free movies 😀

I realise this is morbid

But I don’t see why I have to experience this on my own. Right – so you remember the snake that Lazer brought in?? Well looky look what I got today:

They’re getting bigger… I wonder what I’ll get for Christmas?? An entire reindeer maby?



Swimming Upstream

Now here is something very exciting  – The Very Brilliant Dutch Photographer (and *lucky me* my very good friend), Kathalijne Van Zutphen has been working on a wonderful project featuring young Cape Town creatives each representing different genres across many different industries.

The project is a fusion of Kathalijne’s unique style of photography and each interviewees unique insights to the challenges and rewards of breaking into their creative fields.

The results are fantastic!

Check out the following websites and make sure you become a fan, bookmark them and/or add the blog to your rss feed so that you do not miss out on your invitation to the exhibition coming soon!! 😀




Lazer caught a snake!

Here’s my little hunter with his prize – PS: we all made it out alive!

Noordhoek Sunset

Noodhoek Sunset… looong before the fish braai was ready 🙂

New Flickr account

I’ve created a new Flickr account to load my favourite images onto. Have a look-see down the right hand side of this post for the latest images & just click on them to go to the Flickr account.

For those of you with an RSS feed; you can put this link into your new subscriptions to see any new images that I post:

Feel free to leave comments; would love the feedback 🙂