After a slightly shitty day, I came home and thought “stuff that, lets get out of here”. I took my wonderful mrb out for dinner. We(he) opted for Satori in Kalk Bay for some home made pasta / pizza. Usually when we eat out, mr.b will be ordering the bill while I still have a mouthful of my dinner – no chance of getting in that extra drink and you can totally forget about desert.

Tonight was different – tonight we sat and chatted and even though I had to send my pasta back (it was overcooked!) and had to wait for a new one, it didn’t seem to matter. We chatted and ate and laughed and drank and covered serious conversation and then had Italian kisses and laughed some more and had espresso… and eventually went home.

We then started the fire, put a movie on, got in our pj’s and gowns, cuddled up with the kittens(little lions) and watched movies till our eyes wouldn’t stay open anymore.

It was a super awesome evening – YAY us!