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If you haven’t yet, sign up here: TODAY is the beginning of MOVEMBER for all our boys (and some girls??) to raise awareness for CANSA! You *must* be clean shaven today – I want before and after evidence!

The following IMPORTANT information (from 2Oceansvibe)




I’m moving…

Hello beautiful people… I am moving!! To my very own domain! Come find me here:

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j-a.g & I watched The Social Network courtesy of Ster Kinekor & 2 Oceansvibe last night… the theatre was filled with local bloggers, of which we only recognised one! We collected our free popcorn (most of which, ended up on the floor!) plus coke and settled in to watch a movie about Facebook.

Tbh – I really wasn’t sure what to expect; I mean I am on Facebook most days and so couldn’t really imagine what the movie would be about? Turns out, it’s basically all about how the social networking site came about and the ups and downs of the early days. The movie was actually really enjoyable; a good cast, very funny dialogue and I’d recommend you watch it even if you aren’t a Facebook fan.

EEeeck a Cape Cobra!

So… while I had a super day today… I can’t go without mentioning this: While we were at Witsands, mrb asked me to go back up to the car and get some water for him. On my way back, I am skipping down the stairs, when all of a sudden I come (almost) face to face with a Cape Cobra… It was huge (2m?) and was slithering itself up the stairs, while I was heading down straight towards it.

The moment we saw one another, with just 2 steps between us, we both stopped, backed up (and it totally did the whole cobra hood thing – which is heart-stoppingly scary). A  moment later, it turned around and slipped off the stairs into the surrounding fynbos. I stood there until ALL of it was out of sight before making my way down on very shaky legs… I couldn’t have skipped the rest of the way if I tried!

Shew. Close call. It happened all too quick to grab a pic, so I have borrowed this one to show you what it looked like:

Cape Cobra

Click on the pic for the source

This is what a Monday on my sabbatical feels like…

A morning walk on Fish Hoek Beach….

… dodging blue bottles, naturally…

Blue Bottle on Fish Hoek Beach

… Watching the boys kiting at Witsands….

Kitesurfing at Witsands

… enjoying the quite of the beach…

Beautiful day at Witsands

… getting home to find it clean and tidy….

A house so clean its like a hotel

.. finding lazy laaaazzaaarrrr upstairs…


…. Ah yes… it’s just gone 5pm… HOME TIME 😀

At least being crapped on by a sea gull the other day wasn’t for nothing… I received my FREE movie (+ 1) invitation to a pre-public preview of  THE SOCIAL NETWORK movie (the facebook movie!) at Cavendish. So of course I *have* take my social networking accomplice (j-a.g) with this tonight:


I will review this later in the hopes of getting MORE free movies 😀

SEATS: 7:11-7:15 + FEBRUARY 2010 = U2

On a whim – I sent j-a.g a message early this morning, on Facebook, saying – if you manage to get through to computicket and book your tickets… get one for me too…

Then I left the house – went out and didnt think of it again… until I had an sms saying… “Got your ticket! Woo”

Well: WOO indeed!! I am going to U2 with the g/b family – YAY** for summer & concerts & friends & U2… 😀


** = Throws hands up in the air, screams WOOT!! WOOT!!

HAHAH and I think they are being totally serious… See here :

“Jane Austen’s classic tale of the tangled relationships between lovers from different social classes in 19th century England is faced with a new challenge — an army of undead zombies.”


Whats going on?

me at Polanas

I know – I know! I’ve been MIA… but:

Believe it or not, I’ve been stuck behind this computer for what seems like WWWEEEEKKKKSS. I’ve had a little project which is, mercifully, coming to an end. And of course, you’ll be the first to know all about it once its ‘up’! I’ve been at it for ages, but for you it’ll be all new and shiney and sparkly, so I hope I have done well and that you’re all sufficiently impressed.

I’ve also got a complete make-over for this page up my sleeve and I hope to share that with you next week!

In the mean time, I’m uber excited about Kathalijne’s exhibition in November. We went to knock off a couple of % points for framing on Tues, followed by a visit to the exhibition venue: The Grand Daddy Hotel in Long Street. John, Sergio and Stephan allowed us to join them in their.. um.. meeting at the Daddy Cool bar. This venue is perfect and I cannot WAIT for the opening night!

I’m also trying to get a guest list of rich and influential people to invite along – Please send over names and email addresses; people!

mrb will be away for a week & a bit in November (not to worry @kat… he leaves after the exhibition opening!) So… ja – party at my house!

In other exciting news – Kirstenbosch has finally given the list for the summer concerts: I’ll be going to Just Jinger, Prime Circle, Parlotones (of course!) and Goldfish… I recently got the new Goldfish album and I have to say it is absolutely brilliant – so theirs will be a concert not to miss either! Who’s going to what?? Have to see you there!

And tonight… we’re off to Polana’s with an awesome group of friends to take advantage of the R50 for a fillet special… Woohoo! & Yummeh…