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EEeeck a Cape Cobra!

So… while I had a super day today… I can’t go without mentioning this: While we were at Witsands, mrb asked me to go back up to the car and get some water for him. On my way back, I am skipping down the stairs, when all of a sudden I come (almost) face to face with a Cape Cobra… It was huge (2m?) and was slithering itself up the stairs, while I was heading down straight towards it.

The moment we saw one another, with just 2 steps between us, we both stopped, backed up (and it totally did the whole cobra hood thing – which is heart-stoppingly scary). A  moment later, it turned around and slipped off the stairs into the surrounding fynbos. I stood there until ALL of it was out of sight before making my way down on very shaky legs… I couldn’t have skipped the rest of the way if I tried!

Shew. Close call. It happened all too quick to grab a pic, so I have borrowed this one to show you what it looked like:

Cape Cobra

Click on the pic for the source


Does this day mean anything special to you?

What a Night!

Girls night out on the town with ka + nix started out at the One and Only’s  Nobu Lounge for their ‘Sake in the City’ Ladies Night. As soon as we found a spot at the bar we were handed our complimentary  sake cocktails and really, the night just improved from there on out.

The venue is oh-so-posh and we’d dressed up perfectly for the evening. Sitting there sipping cocktails and eating canapes we couldn’t help but notice all the foreigners in the joint.

As it turned out there was a certain Texan who couldn’t help checking us out either. And by ‘checking out’ I mean STARING and by “Texan” I mean old git. The best part was when he whipped out his wallet, leaned into our personal space, flashed a huge wad of $$$ (yes, he was close enough for us to see the currency!) and then nonchalantly put it back in his pocket. Suave.

When that cool manoeuvre didn’t pique our interest he managed to insert himself into our conversation by what must be the pick up line of the week: “So, who are you supporting in the final?” In unison ka + I “Hup! Holland! Hup”ped; at which point his face drops and he looks directly at me and says: “I knew you couldn’t be perfect!” Ha! Bloody cheek! Of course I’m perfect. Sleezy Geeza. Thankfully he got bored or hungry or lonely and left. We downed our drinks and made a bee-line for The Assembly for the Live @ 5 CD launch.

I hadn’t been to The Assembly before so wasn’t sure what to expect. It turned out to be a decent size venue that thankfully for us wasn’t packed to capacity. Not quite the Nobu Lounge, but definitely more up my alley.

We grabbed a couple of beers and met up with a couple other ladies (and one token guy who bought us a round of tequilas). We weren’t there for long before Taxi Violence came on and did their set. They were actually very good – I had heard of them and have most probably heard their music on the radio, although I didn’t recognise any of it. But they were great – really enjoyed them!

About an hour or so later they finished up. Katherine from 5 gave away a bunch of cd’s + t-shirts and things (no freebies for us this time, though) and then the stage was prepped for my favourite SA band – The Parlotones 😀

I know that most South Africans have a love / hate thing going for these guys – some love ’em, some hate ’em… and I totally sit on the ‘love ’em’ side of the fence. They never ever fail to entertain me and this night was only better than any of the previous concerts. The venue like I said wasn’t packed, the sound was great, and they played a really long set, which I adored.

Jumping up and down, singing along, shouting, whistling (the wolf type!) – it was awesome!

Unavoidably they finished up their set and as they were packing up a security guard told us that they’d be hanging around in the bar area later (so back off!). Which we did… we mozied on back to the bar got some #welldeserved(afterallthatdancing!)beer and chilled for a bit. And yes, in the end the guys did come chill out in the bar area and yes, we did manage to chat with them for a while. You know; we talked about this and that – it was awesome! It was also getting getting late, so we got our things together and gave them (quick) hug good-bye, and said: See you soon!

Paul says: Asta la Vista Baby!

For all you sceptics out there… Paul and I were right!! We totally predicted at Holland / Spain final… and there it is!! WOOT

So I am sticking to my earlier prediction of Holland 2, Spain 1

Hup! Holland Hup! (Dont let me down, now – I possibly have free t-shirts riding on this!)

As an aside… I would dearly like to find the time to spend more than 30 waking minutes at home each day… its been a heavy couple of days / nights with more parties and games lined up… Oh well – with only 2 and a bit weeks to go till I finish working, I can’t complain  – I can sleep then, right??

PS: Any know where I can rob a bank to fund this lifestyle??

Hup! Holland! Hup!

WOW! What a Game!! With all of South Africa, all of Cape Town and the entire Waiting Room in Long Street (save 2 South Americans and occasionally my sister) cheering on for Holland, there was almost NO WAY that they could lose.

But wow hey – goal after goal the game was sooo exciting – the cheering got louder and louder. By Holland’s 3rd goal we were hugging, screaming, jumping up and down – honestly, at that point I thought I might actually pass out with the sheer adrenaline of it all. It was Man-IC! In the end though – with enough encouragement from us, the did it!


SEE YOU BITCHES ON SUNDAY (and by Bitches I am of course referring to Spain, because Paul the octopus said so!)

Fresh Flowers & Fine Company

For the past few days I have been feeling awful – bravely dosing up on meds to cover up a flu that has knocked me flat. I NEVER get sick, so this has been horrible for me. Totally NOT ftw… BUT as I took my second day off work today, I gave the meds a rest and just stayed in bed. Swallowing my coughed up lung more times that I would like to think about.

Some time after 4pm, I managed to make my way downstairs to lie down on the couch for a change of scenery. The bunch flowers that mrb bought for me last week are so stunning to look at but they also have an awesome smell. The whole lounge has this stunning scent just sweet enough to smell without being overpowering. Its just gorgeous to lie there and chill out.

And no sooner had I put my head down, than my sweet little Giz came to keep me company. Finally… I am starting to feel better 🙂

Reasons to Celebrate

To a very special young man, I’d like to wish rb-b a Very Very Happy Birthday! 12 Years old today! Congratulations, I hope you have a super fantastic year ahead!!

Today also marks the first day that we head back into summer with our winter solstice tucked safely behind us.

And today, Bafana Bafana plays a super important game against France at 4pm (where are you watching it?) and we are ALL feeling the gees :o)

#celebrationbeer should really be on the cards at some point today – Happy 22 June all xx