For the past few days I have been feeling awful – bravely dosing up on meds to cover up a flu that has knocked me flat. I NEVER get sick, so this has been horrible for me. Totally NOT ftw… BUT as I took my second day off work today, I gave the meds a rest and just stayed in bed. Swallowing my coughed up lung more times that I would like to think about.

Some time after 4pm, I managed to make my way downstairs to lie down on the couch for a change of scenery. The bunch flowers that mrb bought for me last week are so stunning to look at but they also have an awesome smell. The whole lounge has this stunning scent just sweet enough to smell without being overpowering. Its just gorgeous to lie there and chill out.

And no sooner had I put my head down, than my sweet little Giz came to keep me company. Finally… I am starting to feel better 🙂