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See you there!


What a Night!

Girls night out on the town with ka + nix started out at the One and Only’s  Nobu Lounge for their ‘Sake in the City’ Ladies Night. As soon as we found a spot at the bar we were handed our complimentary  sake cocktails and really, the night just improved from there on out.

The venue is oh-so-posh and we’d dressed up perfectly for the evening. Sitting there sipping cocktails and eating canapes we couldn’t help but notice all the foreigners in the joint.

As it turned out there was a certain Texan who couldn’t help checking us out either. And by ‘checking out’ I mean STARING and by “Texan” I mean old git. The best part was when he whipped out his wallet, leaned into our personal space, flashed a huge wad of $$$ (yes, he was close enough for us to see the currency!) and then nonchalantly put it back in his pocket. Suave.

When that cool manoeuvre didn’t pique our interest he managed to insert himself into our conversation by what must be the pick up line of the week: “So, who are you supporting in the final?” In unison ka + I “Hup! Holland! Hup”ped; at which point his face drops and he looks directly at me and says: “I knew you couldn’t be perfect!” Ha! Bloody cheek! Of course I’m perfect. Sleezy Geeza. Thankfully he got bored or hungry or lonely and left. We downed our drinks and made a bee-line for The Assembly for the Live @ 5 CD launch.

I hadn’t been to The Assembly before so wasn’t sure what to expect. It turned out to be a decent size venue that thankfully for us wasn’t packed to capacity. Not quite the Nobu Lounge, but definitely more up my alley.

We grabbed a couple of beers and met up with a couple other ladies (and one token guy who bought us a round of tequilas). We weren’t there for long before Taxi Violence came on and did their set. They were actually very good – I had heard of them and have most probably heard their music on the radio, although I didn’t recognise any of it. But they were great – really enjoyed them!

About an hour or so later they finished up. Katherine from 5 gave away a bunch of cd’s + t-shirts and things (no freebies for us this time, though) and then the stage was prepped for my favourite SA band – The Parlotones 😀

I know that most South Africans have a love / hate thing going for these guys – some love ’em, some hate ’em… and I totally sit on the ‘love ’em’ side of the fence. They never ever fail to entertain me and this night was only better than any of the previous concerts. The venue like I said wasn’t packed, the sound was great, and they played a really long set, which I adored.

Jumping up and down, singing along, shouting, whistling (the wolf type!) – it was awesome!

Unavoidably they finished up their set and as they were packing up a security guard told us that they’d be hanging around in the bar area later (so back off!). Which we did… we mozied on back to the bar got some #welldeserved(afterallthatdancing!)beer and chilled for a bit. And yes, in the end the guys did come chill out in the bar area and yes, we did manage to chat with them for a while. You know; we talked about this and that – it was awesome! It was also getting getting late, so we got our things together and gave them (quick) hug good-bye, and said: See you soon!


Thanks to ka I had my first #schoolfunctionbeer.  And I smoked on School Premises. So There!


With the painters arriving at 7.30am and the walk-way makers just after 8am, there was no sleeping in today. Instead, we were all up really early and got stuck into a serious 7-hour spring-cleaning mission. With all the renovations and guests and partying, the house has been upside-down and full of dust and stuff for what seems like, FOREVER…

This is not at all interesting; I know; but it does go some way to explain my 3-15pm #springcleanbeer that I had with ka later in the day. An n-number of Heinekens + a burger later, all was well with the world again!


#lunchbeer was a real treat today 🙂

I went with j-a.g to the & Union Beer Salon in Heritage Square in CT on official business 😉 While there, we had to try out a small selection of the their 6-8-week brewed beers. If you’re in the area and you love beer – you must pop in!

We had a choice of 4 brews:

Unfiltered LargerSteph WeissBerne Unfiltered AmberDark Larger

We shared the red labeled Berne Unfiltered Amber which was delicious. As was the Dark Larger. Both served ice-cold with a small bowl of crisps and a neat row of olive pips.

Dont worry, mrb: I have brought home samples to share 🙂

Shopping & Partying

Sounds like fun, hey??

Well the shopping part relates to household essentials: And this may become a recurring theme for the next couple of months or so because we are into the final  installment of our alternations (YAY!). These began back in June 2009 and have various “natural disasters. Because of this, we have stopped and started this project so many times. We are now back in the ‘started’ phase again.

So Saturday was spent shopping for bathroom tiles, basins, accessories (etc!!) We even managed to find a fridge + a stove – mission accomplished!

Saturday evening also awesome. I was invited to a Hawaiian party. For ka’s daughter who will be a whole decade old soon. There were lots of colourful leis (which gave me an idea for Afrika Burn), lots of hyperactive children (generally not my favourite) but I was good and hid with the big people.

Oh! And there was also the new bottle of “Giant Mistake” which ka & I took down. We loved every sip of it. Even though I am a ‘Gigantic’ Parlotones fan, I dont think that I am being biased in saying that it was delicious. And whats best is I bought it at my local Woolworths, so I can pop in any time to replace it. YAY!

Girls Night In

Today was ODWS (One Day Without Shoes) an international initiative where we pledge to walk around barefoot for a day to raise awareness for underprivileged children in poor countries that dont have any shoes to wear on a daily basis.  It turned out to be an awesome day which saw so many of us barefoot all day long.

At the end of all of it I popped over to see my bff (ka) for a drink, some dinner and a long girly chat. In true bbf fashion, ka had already set up the foot spa & brought out all the yummy peppermint body shop goodies. We soaked our feet, drank some vino and chatted non-stop until almost mid-night. You’ve gotta love a regular girls night in.