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SEATS: 7:11-7:15 + FEBRUARY 2010 = U2

On a whim – I sent j-a.g a message early this morning, on Facebook, saying – if you manage to get through to computicket and book your tickets… get one for me too…

Then I left the house – went out and didnt think of it again… until I had an sms saying… “Got your ticket! Woo”

Well: WOO indeed!! I am going to U2 with the g/b family – YAY** for summer & concerts & friends & U2… 😀


** = Throws hands up in the air, screams WOOT!! WOOT!!


psychedelic fishes

We finally got the painting we picked up at Zanzibar mounted – what do you think?


Considering I do everything I can online, to save time and effort I really don’t know why its taken me this long to sort this out… but I finally have and this is *definitely* a FWT! moment.

I have registered my pre-paid electricity meter with and it took me all of 2 mins to login, buy my electricity, have my number emailed & sms’d to me, AND enter it in and confirm that I am topped up.

Voila! Done! Easy-Peasy. I suggest you do the same 🙂

mac mac

I’m a very very lucky girl! Today (as a belated b’day present) I got my very first mac and right now I am learning my way around this strange trackpad and trying to figure out a keyboard short cut for copy and paste; while loving the beautiful simplicity of the machine.

I managed to set it up all by myself in seconds (yay Apple!) I am online and have checked my mail, facebook and am already blogging. This is going to be such fun 🙂

I have a few ideas up my sleeve of things to do when I finish working, so in the mean time I will get this gorgeous little machine up and ready for some cool experiments.


So they installed my firepot today. It gorgeous. It works a treat and all this – just in time!!

Check it out:

Winter Retail Therapy

There’s something about dark grey skies and lots of rain that makes me want to cuddle up in my pj’s with a good book, both my cats + a hot (Amarula) chocolate. (Awesome cliché isn’t it)

Thinking about this little fantasy, I realised that I dont have any winter pj’s so j-a.g and I went to Cavendish for some winter retail therapy. I splashed out on a stunning and very soft winter gown (not the zip up ones they seem to have everywhere!) I also opted for some old skool cotton pj’s – aka flannels. Very mooi… but they look very comfy, so we’re getting there!

Oh and Earthfire (the ceramic fireplace ppl) have arranged installation of my ceramic red firepot on Monday.  YAY, can’t wait!

This may turn out to be my best winter, yet 🙂

Running on the spot

I bought a Pro-Form 650v today (aka treadmill). Seeing as I don’t really enjoy going to the gym and seeing as how I am going to be losing my gym contract when I stop working and seeing as how its winter soon and I am the master of all excuses, I decided that I want to (get)stay fit and I reckon I should be able to do that with my very own treadmill at home.

I plan to dangle a nice cold beer about a meter or so in front of the treadmill and at the same time, put up a picture of a great big scary monster on the wall behind the treadmill and I think that between the two, that should be enough to keep my legs going…

Resident Alien

j-a.g inspired me to start reading books by South African authors. Earlier this year I bought and read Confessions of a Gambler by Rayda Jacobs (review). I litterally could not put this book down until it was finished. Absolutley brilliant and highly recommended.

Today (with my remaining birthday money!) I bought a new book called Resident Alien by Rian Malan. One of my plans for my sabbatical is to catch up on my reading – so once its finished, I will let you know what I thought. 🙂

Mafia Island – here we come!

Our 2009 Christmas presents to each other was a set of tickets to the Mafia Island Dance Festival in August this year. Today (after a few delays!) I have confirmed our flights from CPT – Dar – CPT!

Very exciting!

The festival is from the 1 – 15 Aug and is limited to 3000 tickets world wide. It’s going to be 2 full weeks of beach parties / tanning / snorkling / relaxing / diving / swimming / sleeping / hiking / kiting… WoW. I can’t wait!

I will finish up at work tbc but no later than 23rd of July, so at least I will have a full week off to prepare. We’ll be camping and so will need to take a tent, our costumes, a towel, sun block and some books to read.

I can deal with that!

Having been to Tanzania before (Our Kili climb in Feb 09) I kind of know what to expect – which is also why I am sooo excited! WooT!

Anyone coming??

Shopping & Partying

Sounds like fun, hey??

Well the shopping part relates to household essentials: And this may become a recurring theme for the next couple of months or so because we are into the final  installment of our alternations (YAY!). These began back in June 2009 and have various “natural disasters. Because of this, we have stopped and started this project so many times. We are now back in the ‘started’ phase again.

So Saturday was spent shopping for bathroom tiles, basins, accessories (etc!!) We even managed to find a fridge + a stove – mission accomplished!

Saturday evening also awesome. I was invited to a Hawaiian party. For ka’s daughter who will be a whole decade old soon. There were lots of colourful leis (which gave me an idea for Afrika Burn), lots of hyperactive children (generally not my favourite) but I was good and hid with the big people.

Oh! And there was also the new bottle of “Giant Mistake” which ka & I took down. We loved every sip of it. Even though I am a ‘Gigantic’ Parlotones fan, I dont think that I am being biased in saying that it was delicious. And whats best is I bought it at my local Woolworths, so I can pop in any time to replace it. YAY!