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At least being crapped on by a sea gull the other day wasn’t for nothing… I received my FREE movie (+ 1) invitation to a pre-public preview of  THE SOCIAL NETWORK movie (the facebook movie!) at Cavendish. So of course I *have* take my social networking accomplice (j-a.g) with this tonight:


I will review this later in the hopes of getting MORE free movies 😀


I Write Like…

Thanks j-a.g for this 🙂 I have analysed and re-analysed my writing style and I write like:

I write like
Stephen King

Stephen King (x 2) | Kurt Vonnegut (x 2) | Dan Brown | Bram Stoker | Johathan Swift

lol –  Does that sound about right?? Who do you write like??

Hup! Holland! Hup!

WOW! What a Game!! With all of South Africa, all of Cape Town and the entire Waiting Room in Long Street (save 2 South Americans and occasionally my sister) cheering on for Holland, there was almost NO WAY that they could lose.

But wow hey – goal after goal the game was sooo exciting – the cheering got louder and louder. By Holland’s 3rd goal we were hugging, screaming, jumping up and down – honestly, at that point I thought I might actually pass out with the sheer adrenaline of it all. It was Man-IC! In the end though – with enough encouragement from us, the did it!


SEE YOU BITCHES ON SUNDAY (and by Bitches I am of course referring to Spain, because Paul the octopus said so!)

Despite mrb’s absolute loathing for any school, especially his very own high school, we still made there for the Shark Spotters Comedy Fund-raising night. Maby it helped that we could smoke and drink on school property (that’s twice for me in less than a week!)

j-a.g, mrb, d&n-n & I went to watch Mark Sampson (a local-schmocal with what used to be blonde dreds but now has a blonde mullet) and Nik Rabinowitz do their comedy thang… it was all in aid of raising funds for the shark spotters whose jobs, while boring and underpaid are incredibly important! (For those of you who don’t know – we have a small problem in False Bay called the man-eating Great White Shark. The Shark Spotters sit on the mountains and watch for sharks. When they see them, they flag the guys on the beach and get everyone out of the water. And mostly, this system works – especially for lack of any other method!)

Waffle, waffle… Anyway, so both comedians were brilliant – Mark knowing the local area well enough to rip us all to shreds; managed to keep us in stitches for most of the night. We were also introduced to a local Oceanview group called the 783 Hip Hop Movement, who will be performing at one of the SWC ceremonies or games. Brilliantly talented kids – I loved listening to them and they enjoyed themselves so much on stage. One kid had on a gold sequenced cap,which I couldn’t tear my eyes away from. Another thought that he was one of the headline comedians and did his bit to keep us laughing.

Nik Rabinowitz, I think, was probably the main reason so many of us made it out (over 500 people showed up, I heard). I hadn’t really heard much of his material before (aside from the odd clip on Fresh’s show) but had heard awesome reviews. The guy is BRILLIANT! He does ALL the South African accents, the facial expressions, the personalities and his command of the African languages makes his show absolutely priceless 🙂

It ran on from 7pm till after 10pm and with the exception of a 20 – 30 min interval, we were pretty much rocking back and forth in our seats in fits of laughter all night long! Awesome show!!

Its not at all what is sounds like – not really 🙂

j-a.g, kat & i nipped through to Green Point for what was to be a MASS STREAK to show the world that, YES: Capetonians DO have the GEES (spirit) and we’re excited about the World Cup and we’re perfectly happy to get naked prove it!

Although it turned out to be a bit cold and rainy (you know how much we hate the rain!) and (most definitely) because of the copious amounts of ‘Dutch courage’ that was consumed, we saw plenty enough bums and boobs and other bits bouncing down the road screaming and shouting, blowing and even wearing Vuvuzelas (you know where!)

And that was just the beginning of our night out in town 🙂 For the photo-graphical evidence – click HERE

That was followed by a more respectable exhibition launch in De Waterkant (you’ll see me admiring some artwork in the link above).  Tiny room, lots of people and plenty of soccer related photos (see: MORE GEES in Cape Town) but it was hot, there was no food and we were keen to keep moving.

And just was well, kat led us to the launch of the photography exhibition at Misael Space:  Play, Jump, Eat. The photographs (it goes without saying) are absolutely awesome. My favourites were the ones of various people famous (Freshly Ground, Desmond Tutu) and less famous (Kalk Bay Fishermen) jumping on a double bed, which has been making its way around CT. The best part: The bed was there at the exhibition and we got to jump on it too – like little children 🙂  (The exhibition is still on, so make sure you pop when you’re there next!)

After all that jumping we were very hungry and decided to nip over, to the VERY OTHER side of town BY FOOT (because you know how much we like to walk!) to the Great Eastern Bazaar in Darling street. I wont go into too much detail here, because seeing is believing: SEE IT HERE What did I tell you?? Yummeh!

And then we chose the perfect way to round up a night of Bed, Art, Nakedness and Food by choosing whiskey and beer at the Woodstock Lounge:  Drinks, Cosy Couches, Fireplace, Good Friends, and a very soppy-in-love couple just across the way who entertained us for much of the time there.


Generally speaking, I don’t get along well with most women. They can be bitchy, backstabbing, selfish and well… you know the drill.

I’m also not a girly-girl who surrounds myself with an entourage of other girly-girls who go out and do girly-girl things.

I have, however, been extremely lucky to have in my life a very select few fem’s who I am very stoked to have as BFF’s.

When the shit hits the fan, or when its about to hit the fan I know that these awesome women have my back. As the saying goes:

“A Friend Is Someone Who Will Bail You out of Jail, but Your Best Friend Is the One Sitting next to you Saying ‘That Was F***ing Awesome!’ ”

Thanks girls 🙂

And thats what you get when you send us out on our own for a Girls Night.

To go back to the beginning, ka & i met j-a.g & kat & a at the stunning Grand Daddy roof top bar for a few cocktails (& beers!) Thanks again j-a.g for the freebies 🙂  It was the wearesohappyyoucamebackbeer for our recently-returned-from-Holland friend kat. Woot! A few drinks and almost-cupcakes later we left town (via Grand Daddy’s revealing bathrooms!) and headed to Obz Cafe for the main event.

In the small, intimate theater we found Nix, last but not least of our group 🙂 We were about to be treated to the classical sounds of 2 talented musicians, playing guitar for a couple of hours – or so we were lead to believe. First up was Thomas Seizure who played the guitar particularly well, I thought. His singing sent shock waves rippling down our row. The poor guy looked like he was in agony when he belted out those lyrics and he pretty much sounded like he was in agony too. We were deciding who should call the medic, when it dawned on one of us that this was what it was supposed to sound like.

Once that little fact sunk in we each tried to distract our selves from the obvious pain on the poor man’s face by looking elsewhere while he was having a seizure singing. Kat and I were facinated by the 2 rather large dents in the head of the guy in front of us… What do you supposed happened there?? The giggling gerties to my left made it difficult to pay any attention to anything at all. Due credit to them, they did try to distract themselves by pointing how much j-a.g’s stocks (or was it sockings?) looked just like the material covering the chairs in the little theater. (Uncanny resemblance!).

I did enjoy the little note passed down the row to me explaining how the almost seizures on the stage were simply too much to cope with (j-a.g: where on earth did you get a koki from??) Within minutes of that ka had to leave, before she was thrown out. About 20 mins later, it was interval and we could escape to some well deserved beer. And (hopefully) looking massively forward to the 2nd half and the 2nd musician: j-a.g’s mr. snoggery.

The second half saw us in different seats: Taking on a school teachers usual remedy, we decided that if we rearranged ourselves there wouldn’t be nearly so much silly giggling and that we would be able to appreciate the musical expertise. Ja, like worked. Well it might have had mr snoggery sorted out his speaker feedback problem. Flippen hell man, it was soooo loud and sounded soo awful. By the time he brought out that saw and violin bow thing, my ears were bleeding and I was curled up in a little ball on the floor screaming STOP! STOP! I’LL TELL YOU ANYTHING! It was round about then that I decided it would be a good idea to remove myself and seek refuge in the smoky bar and treat myself to another nice cold beer. Surprisingly the rest of the girls stayed in until the end of the set – maby they had earplugs as well as kokis hidden in their bags…?

The rest of the night was awesome – I cant tell you everything, now can I?

Let’s do it again soon, girls. Without the guitar-duo though, please!

Stormers, tequila & family

After a very delicious b’ay lunch at Bihari, I collected ka and met up wit j-a.g et al at The Toad for the Stormers / Bulls game. Obviously we kicked ass – but we kicked ass so easily that it didn’t look like they needed much of our support.  Instead we did our best to support the flow of Heineken to our table. Yum.

Just after the game though everyone buggered off leaving ka & I totally defenseless in the company of one loud and horny visiting vaalie – who btw, according to his friends is “Totally harmless, because he is married”. Yes, he was drunk and yes he was flirting, and by the time that I had to physically kick him off my bench, I thought he may have got the hint that a) married and b) not fucking interested.  Of course being drunk and horny, he didn’t get it. Instead he bought the 2 tables a round of tequilas and insisted on a personalised tour of the Kommetjie lighthouse. Yes, he was that drunk.  Luckily for me, it wasn’t so long ago that I had toooo many tequilas and vaguely remember making a complete ass of myself, so this time I let him have the tequila, gave him directions to the lighthouse, grabbed ka and made a swift exit, hopefully before he could notice that we were not going to Kommetjie.

The rest of the evening was spent talking & drinking in the company of my surrogate parents (aka ka’s actual parents). Awesome stories, lots of debates, some nostalgia.

It turned out to be a very cool night!


j-a.g, g and I  headed out to Pinelands from the deep south for the NetProphet conference. It took us 2 bloody hours to get there..

Cape Town + Rain = a sudden inability to effing drive, man!

We finally got there and it was lank interesting. We networked (not really), we took notes (j-a.g does the most awesome doodles!), we scored a free (R150) t-shirt. We paid attention to the topics being discussed (“valley” = bingo!) and we met some interesting people (not counting that weird chick with baby food all over herself in the bathroom… eeeuw.)

Anyway, it was well worth going though – there were some very good ideas and a whole  lot of geeks. Info and step by step commentary for the day can be found on twitter. Search #netprophet.

2010 Fine Art

j-a.g smuggled me into the VIP / Press launch for the 2010 International Fine Art Collection. Considering I was only supposed to be giving j-a.g a lift to Cavendish, I wasn’t prepared for an evening out so she did a great job of talking me onto the guest list.

It was actually quite cool – they had given something like 150 artists from about 32 countries a brief and using that, they each produced some very different works of art. They had a couple of the international artists there signing their prints (at a whooping $1000+); in particular one bashful Mexian artist ala: Alejandro… (pronounced Alahandro -> same as Jono is pronouced Hono)

They also had a Kenyan born local artist painting there on the night. Starting off with a vague sketch on his canvas, spent the rest of the evening painting it to completion. That was really cool to watch. We chatted with his wife – whose name, despite trying really hard, we have not been able to get. She also had very pretty shoes.

Then there was creepy fake-tan sideshow bob lingering in our space. There is a story about him explaining ‘sorried’ to us and then trying to force his wine down our throats – but if you want to know more about that one, you’ll have to ask!