me at Polanas

I know – I know! I’ve been MIA… but:

Believe it or not, I’ve been stuck behind this computer for what seems like WWWEEEEKKKKSS. I’ve had a little project which is, mercifully, coming to an end. And of course, you’ll be the first to know all about it once its ‘up’! I’ve been at it for ages, but for you it’ll be all new and shiney and sparkly, so I hope I have done well and that you’re all sufficiently impressed.

I’ve also got a complete make-over for this page up my sleeve and I hope to share that with you next week!

In the mean time, I’m uber excited about Kathalijne’s exhibition in November. We went to knock off a couple of % points for framing on Tues, followed by a visit to the exhibition venue: The Grand Daddy Hotel in Long Street. John, Sergio and Stephan allowed us to join them in their.. um.. meeting at the Daddy Cool bar. This venue is perfect and I cannot WAIT for the opening night!

I’m also trying to get a guest list of rich and influential people to invite along – Please send over names and email addresses; people!

mrb will be away for a week & a bit in November (not to worry @kat… he leaves after the exhibition opening!) So… ja – party at my house!

In other exciting news – Kirstenbosch has finally given the list for the summer concerts: I’ll be going to Just Jinger, Prime Circle, Parlotones (of course!) and Goldfish… I recently got the new Goldfish album and I have to say it is absolutely brilliant – so theirs will be a concert not to miss either! Who’s going to what?? Have to see you there!

And tonight… we’re off to Polana’s with an awesome group of friends to take advantage of the R50 for a fillet special… Woohoo! & Yummeh…