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Sabbatical Monday

This is what a Monday on my sabbatical feels like…

A morning walk on Fish Hoek Beach….

… dodging blue bottles, naturally…

Blue Bottle on Fish Hoek Beach

… Watching the boys kiting at Witsands….

Kitesurfing at Witsands

… enjoying the quite of the beach…

Beautiful day at Witsands

… getting home to find it clean and tidy….

A house so clean its like a hotel

.. finding lazy laaaazzaaarrrr upstairs…


…. Ah yes… it’s just gone 5pm… HOME TIME ūüėÄ


HAHAH and I think they are being totally serious… See here :

“Jane Austen’s classic tale of the tangled relationships between lovers from different social classes in 19th century England is faced with a new challenge — an army of undead zombies.”


Whats going on?

me at Polanas

I know – I know! I’ve been MIA… but:

Believe¬†it or not, I’ve been stuck behind this computer for what seems like WWWEEEEKKKKSS. I’ve had a little project which is, mercifully, coming to an end. And of course, you’ll be the first to know all about it once its ‘up’! I’ve been at it for ages, but for you it’ll be all new and shiney and sparkly, so I hope I have done well and that you’re all sufficiently impressed.

I’ve also got a complete make-over for this page up my sleeve and I hope to share that with you next week!

In the mean time, I’m uber excited about Kathalijne’s exhibition in November. We went to knock off a couple of % points for framing on Tues, followed by a visit to the exhibition venue: The Grand Daddy Hotel in Long Street. John, Sergio and Stephan allowed us to join them in their.. um.. meeting at the Daddy Cool bar. This venue is perfect and I cannot WAIT for the opening night!

I’m also trying to get a guest list of rich and¬†influential people¬†to invite along – Please send over names and email addresses; people!

mrb will be away for a week & a bit in¬†November¬†(not to worry @kat… he leaves after the exhibition¬†opening!) So… ja – party at my house!

In other exciting news – Kirstenbosch has finally given the list for the summer concerts: I’ll be going to Just Jinger, Prime Circle, Parlotones (of course!) and Goldfish… I recently got the new¬†Goldfish¬†album and I have to say it is¬†absolutely¬†brilliant – so theirs will be a concert not to miss either! Who’s going to what?? Have to see you there!

And tonight… we’re off to Polana’s with an awesome group of friends to take advantage of the R50 for a fillet special… Woohoo! & Yummeh…

Drive thro car wash

I didn’t even know this about myself… but I’ve never taken a car through the automatic car wash by my self before. Ususally mrb drives and it’s always in a childish way kind of fun to sit in there while the car is being beaten to death clean.

So when I took the car today, I was stunned to realised I hadn’t gone in there by myself before. Random.

I had my camera and took lots of pictures for the duration of the¬†momentous¬†event (well, it¬†certainly¬†kept me entertained for the entire 3.5 mins) I’m just not sure what the¬†operator¬†thought I was doing in there, though! ;o)

Well, this IS the life!

Today, I’m wine & chocolate tasting, followed by an ‘unforgettable luncheon’ by one of SA’s top 10 chefs… on a gorgeous day, in Stellenbosch, with j-a.g.

Whatchoo doing??

PS:UPDATE: some pics below & the day made even MORE unforgettable by winning 2 nights DB&B accommodation at Rocktail Bay – click here, if you want to see ūüôā

Taking on a baboon: brave or stupid? scary!

Jeeze-Louise – that was just about the scariest thing I have ever done!

I’d just made a delicious avo¬†sandwich and was about to tuck into lunch when a big male baboon slipped in through a window into my upstairs room where I had just sat down. I jumped up and started shouting at him get ‘get out!’ which only made him move at twice the speed downstairs and straight into the kitchen.

I bolted down the stairs behind him, all the while screaming at the top of my voice “get out!” (just so you know – that doesn’t work for shit). On my kitchen counter I had a plastic bowl with fruit / veg leftovers due to be recycled into the garden. The baboon managed to peel & eat my three ‘good’ bananas and was already tucking into the fruit / veg matter by the time I got downstairs, which was all of 1.5 seconds later.

I picked up the kati and waved it at him all the while screaming and hoping to intimidate him with my ‘weapon’ knowing full well that the males dont think any woman of any species to be threatening. (And all the while I’m thinking – Don’t be scared – they can smell your fear!!! Shit! Shit! Shit!)

Not quite sure what to do next, I ran to the lounge, opened the big doors to the back garden; ran back at the baboon and grabbed the plastic bowl with the fruit / veg stuff away from him and ran back through the lounge and chucked it outside – *hoping* that he would follow the food and get out.

*Obviously* he didn’t and all I managed to accomplish with my shouting and taking away his food-prize was to annoy the crap out of him. I know this because he started baring his big yellow fangs at me, making horrible noises, dancing all over my kitchen counters, climbing onto my fridge. So I sucked up all the¬†courage¬†I could muster and went at him again with everything I had (which really was still just the screaming and a useless kati!) But this time he was so anxious to get to my food he managed to rip my kitchen cupboard door clean off, he grabbed a bag of cerial and somehow in the middle of all that I managed to get him into the garage through the door at the kitchen.

Of coure I immediately realised that I had him trapped in the garage with no way out and all the while he’s pulling at the door to open it while I’m holding on to keep it closed. And I’m thinking: OK! Now what??

I decided I needed a bigger weapon, so I quietly let the door go, ran like all hell into the spare room and I grabbed a bar stool and flew back into the kitchen (he was already out the garage!) and went for him again. And of course the ENTIRE time I am screaming at the top of my lungs for him to “GET OUT!”

Somewhere here (I don’t even know how), I managed to get behind him with my bar stool-weapon and the chase was on again. Instead of going out the door that I had opened for him (dumb-ass), he legged it (along with my¬†muesli) through the house – up the stairs – out the window and onto my deck. I quickly closed the windows upstairs, bolted back downstairs to close up the door I’d left open – by which point the rest of the ‘smaller’ baboons had turned up, but were luckily preoccupied with the fruit / veg stuff I had alreay chucked into the garden. I dont think I could have dealt with a whole troupe in my kitchen!

The next 5 mins saw me doing laps around the house repeatedly checking doors and windows until I had convinced myself he couldn’t get back in.

Through all this commotion – he had no time to get to any of my other food and in fact had no time at all to make a mess –¬†because¬†really – I hate losing my food to baboons and even more than that I hate cleaning up after them.

A bit harrowing, but at least it was shopping trip and clean up session avoided.

PS: I broke a nail in this drama = so not completely unscathed.

After hearing about the photo competition, I had a few ideas of what I wanted to shoot. The theme was Cape Town: Winter.

To be honest, Cape Town is so beautiful anyway, it’s really tough coming up with a photograph that is unique or more beautiful than anyone elses.¬†Waiting for the right conditions and driving around the Cape looking for the exact image I had in mind has kept me busy for weeks now – and best of all, I’ve had so much fun doing it!

I received very exciting news this morning – one of the images I entered has made it into the top 20.

It’s called Kommetjie Beach – It was a very energetic day, with the wind pumping, kids & dogs running around and kites everywhere!

If you like it – please vote for me by clicking on the image – it’ll take you to the Cape Town travel website. Click on the facebook ‘like’ and twitter ‘retweet’ buttons.

*much love* for all your support

A few of my favourite things

I¬†briefly mentioned, but haven’t formally introduced my favourite boy in the whole wide world: JAKE. Jake is the proud owner of my bff, ka and cat. He is¬†boisterous, he’s a digger, he’s a jumper. But he is also FULL of Love, has the most beautiful puppy-dog eyes, is loyal, strong (learning to listen!) and the moment you lay eyes on him, you’ll be in love for ever!

I spent the early part of day with him on Saturday – I brought him a postman’s leg, which he seemed more than happy to chew on, carry around and chew on some more. He is my favourite boy ūüôā

After that, ka and I went over to my house for some work and stuff. It occurred to me *at the last moment* that we had a beer emergency for the braai that followed and… well… ka tells it best: click here for the full story

Sunday was stunning – My beautiful sister & I went to Tribeca for breakfast, walked around Kalk Bay, admiring the most interesting and beautiful *things* in all the little shops.

I have found the most stunning little summer dress, that I ¬†Must Have – It’s expensive so I am working on mrb for the go-ahead!

What followed was delicious strawberry daiquiris, the company of my sister and ka and sun shine and good times!!



I totally blame mrb for doing this to me. There I was enjoying my sabbatical and then BAM! You’re SICK. I’ve had a stuffy nose, sore eyes, blocked ears and¬†occasional¬†sore throat. I can barely get enough energy to make it down stairs for a cuppa coffee… Someone feel sorry for me!!!

Gee Whizz… so much in one day!

Congrats goes out to j-a.g for getting through the nominations phase of the 2010 Blog Awards! Voting is now open and you can vote EVERY SINGLE DAY from now until the 17th of September. Put it in your diary and support our local favourite blogs. Click here and select your favourites (Travel Blog has already been selected on this link)

Congrats also goes out to me for cooking¬†my first meal for mrb. He was treated to French Toast & Bacon & Cheese & Coffee for breakfast. Not bad for a first meal! ūüôā I have 1 breakfast & 3 dinners left to complete.

Spring Day – and in true CT fashion it poured all day long! I loved it and am now sooo ready for summer!

Hump Day was celebrated with ka and a couple of beers with an appropriately ‘hump day’ Girls Night Out for….

Groupie Day!! Or, more accurately, groupie night: We went to see the Parlotones on the first gig of their 2010 World Tour. Have I mentioned that I am a fan??

The show started with The Black Hotels followed by Ash, each doing 45 mins or so. If you an imagine the floor space of the concert as a mini-me version of CT then we were standing in Constantia (the irritating teeny-bopper girly girls of Constantia). We stayed there for the Black Hotels set and at the break left for a quick beer / smoke. We came back in as Ash started playing (they’re very cool, btw) and decided to give Constantia a skip and headed over, instead to the ‘other’ side. Turns out we ended up right in the middle of Belville which was a bit too much of Afrikaans but we decided to risk it and stay. We slowly wormed our way to the (almost) front.

If you’re wondering where the ‘deep south’ might have been located in the floor plan, it was almost certainly outside at the smokers corner!

Eventually The Parlotones started the concert, which was more or less the same time that I started jumping up and down and dancing without a care in the world… Well more less than more: First, I had to get into a fight with some Afrikaans chick. She’d pushed her way in front of us and annoyed us immediately – not only for pushing in but also for having a STUPID hairstyle. Anyway out comes the blackberry and she has it up for like 30 mins, taking video and photos which means our entire experience of the concert had been reduced to looking through her blackberry screen because there wasn’t anyway of seeing past it. Eventually I¬†couldn’t¬†take it anymore, so I tapped her on the shoulder and told it her was distracting and could she maby not do that for the whole concert. She swore at me and told me she’d paid just as much as I had for my ticket. (um, preciscely!) So I tried to compromise and I asked her to at least put it away for every 2nd song?? She swore at me some more so I said that they very specifically said ‘no cameras’ at which point she tried to take another picture about 2 inches away from my face, so I put my hand in front of her ‘lens’ and then she tried to elbow me in the face. At that point I took a deep breath and thought about how to deal with her. What I had thought must have been written on my face because I had obviously scared the hell out of her; she¬†immediately¬†backed down and put that stupid thing away. How irritating to have to even interact with her In The Middle Of A Parlotones Concert!!! – Bitch. HA! ¬†Anyway I won ūüėõ

Well the rest of the night was great. After the show we forced our way into the ‘closed’ Spur for a beer (just because your kitchens are closed, doesn’t mean your beer fridge stops working, now does it?). Anyway, we didnt stay too long and as we were leaving ka decided to walk to the bathrooms on the *other* side of the arena. Turns out she is a natural homing beacon. There the boys were again; chilling, chatting and laughing and of course (thanks to ka) we got our 5 mins of hugs and *much love* again. They are very cool ūüėÄ