So… while I had a super day today… I can’t go without mentioning this: While we were at Witsands, mrb asked me to go back up to the car and get some water for him. On my way back, I am skipping down the stairs, when all of a sudden I come (almost) face to face with a Cape Cobra… It was huge (2m?) and was slithering itself up the stairs, while I was heading down straight towards it.

The moment we saw one another, with just 2 steps between us, we both stopped, backed up (and it totally did the whole cobra hood thing – which is heart-stoppingly scary). A  moment later, it turned around and slipped off the stairs into the surrounding fynbos. I stood there until ALL of it was out of sight before making my way down on very shaky legs… I couldn’t have skipped the rest of the way if I tried!

Shew. Close call. It happened all too quick to grab a pic, so I have borrowed this one to show you what it looked like:

Cape Cobra

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