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Hup! Holland! Hup!

WOW! What a Game!! With all of South Africa, all of Cape Town and the entire Waiting Room in Long Street (save 2 South Americans and occasionally my sister) cheering on for Holland, there was almost NO WAY that they could lose.

But wow hey – goal after goal the game was sooo exciting – the cheering got louder and louder. By Holland’s 3rd goal we were hugging, screaming, jumping up and down – honestly, at that point I thought I might actually pass out with the sheer adrenaline of it all. It was Man-IC! In the end though – with enough encouragement from us, the did it!


SEE YOU BITCHES ON SUNDAY (and by Bitches I am of course referring to Spain, because Paul the octopus said so!)


Its not at all what is sounds like – not really 🙂

j-a.g, kat & i nipped through to Green Point for what was to be a MASS STREAK to show the world that, YES: Capetonians DO have the GEES (spirit) and we’re excited about the World Cup and we’re perfectly happy to get naked prove it!

Although it turned out to be a bit cold and rainy (you know how much we hate the rain!) and (most definitely) because of the copious amounts of ‘Dutch courage’ that was consumed, we saw plenty enough bums and boobs and other bits bouncing down the road screaming and shouting, blowing and even wearing Vuvuzelas (you know where!)

And that was just the beginning of our night out in town 🙂 For the photo-graphical evidence – click HERE

That was followed by a more respectable exhibition launch in De Waterkant (you’ll see me admiring some artwork in the link above).  Tiny room, lots of people and plenty of soccer related photos (see: MORE GEES in Cape Town) but it was hot, there was no food and we were keen to keep moving.

And just was well, kat led us to the launch of the photography exhibition at Misael Space:  Play, Jump, Eat. The photographs (it goes without saying) are absolutely awesome. My favourites were the ones of various people famous (Freshly Ground, Desmond Tutu) and less famous (Kalk Bay Fishermen) jumping on a double bed, which has been making its way around CT. The best part: The bed was there at the exhibition and we got to jump on it too – like little children 🙂  (The exhibition is still on, so make sure you pop when you’re there next!)

After all that jumping we were very hungry and decided to nip over, to the VERY OTHER side of town BY FOOT (because you know how much we like to walk!) to the Great Eastern Bazaar in Darling street. I wont go into too much detail here, because seeing is believing: SEE IT HERE What did I tell you?? Yummeh!

And then we chose the perfect way to round up a night of Bed, Art, Nakedness and Food by choosing whiskey and beer at the Woodstock Lounge:  Drinks, Cosy Couches, Fireplace, Good Friends, and a very soppy-in-love couple just across the way who entertained us for much of the time there.


Online is a weird world where you can hide from anything real. Well every once in a while though something real comes along and, well, I just *have* to participate. Remember ODWOS? And  “Running with Scissors“? That was a random but totally fun event!

So, a little while ago, I came across “The Heart Sticker Revolution” blog and I loved the idea immediately:

to fill the world with love joy and peace. one sticker at a time.

I sent along my details and waited for my set of stickers to arrive.  A few weeks later, while at work, I suddenly thought: “Hey! I wonder where my stickers are??” They had arrived that day, which made it all the more exciting.

So… armed with my heart stickers and on a mission to be part of the heart sticker revolution; my camera & I  set about spreading the love. Today they published a selection of my photos – take a look here:


🙂 🙂 🙂