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Hermanus bomber on the loose

On our way to Hermaus – stopping on Sir Lowry’s Pass – pretty, hey!

This weekend saw us in Hermanus for more birthday celebrations 😀 There were, of course friends, family and copious amounts of alcohol. It was sweet!

On Saturday, the boys tried to go kiting and unfortunately the wind was just fucking with them – far too gusty to play… it was all like:

WIND!!!!! no wind.

WIND!!!!! no wind.

And imagine trying to deal with that, on top of a hangover! lol shame; ja so we left…

We went to Cubana’s (where else is there to go in Hermanus??) for a drink while trying to decide what to do next. While we were there, my brother calls; they were on their way over and were just outside of Hermanus when his bloody car had broken down.

So hono decides that he’ll do the honours of collecting them, so that just left mrb & me to ‘guard’ an 8-seater table (rugby would be starting in a few hours). Anyway mrb goes for a smoke. I sit there and order a chicken sandwhich and then I noticed this retard (some fat chick wearing tooooo much pink) sitting with what must be her family at the table opposite kept eyeballing me. It was seriously freaking me out, so I thought stuff that – I’m also going for a smoke. I grab my jacket and bag and went outside to find mrb & some stuyvies..

About 10 mins later we go back to our table the the retard is STILL looking over at us and is totally creeping us out. We’re literally hiding behind our pints going: wft dude??? hee hee

Anyway, so the waitress comes over and points to mrb’s black, metal water bottle on the table and asks: What is that? So he says its a water bottle and takes off the lid to show her the water slooshing around inside. So she laughs quietly and says that the table opposite had been watching us arrive and then leave one at a time and the only thing we left behind on the table and in plain site (!) was this black can.


No wonder the retard kept checking us out. Anyway they must have figured that that was what the waitress was talking to us about, because after she explained; we could not shut up – we laughed and pointed and laughed some more. Eventually they left. Then we laughed some more.

How paranoid can you get?? It’s only flippen HERMANUS man, come on! So – this has to be the first time we have ever been accused of being bombers… suicide or otherwise.

That little episode was followed by more drinking, poker, and of course my little ‘finger-being-jammed-in-the-door-and-getting-squashed-and-burst-like-a-grape’ incident. 😦

Sunday was a bit of a blur – I had low blood sugar and I think I might have scared the locals (again??) by demanding breakfast LIKE YESTERDAY!!! GGRRRR. I dont really remember. But was made our way back to CT (via Somerset West to collect my bro’s car that had been towed there) and we towed it to Rondebosch. It was somewhere there that I started feeling better again 🙂

And for the 2nd Sunday in a row… Home Sweet Home.


What a Night!

Girls night out on the town with ka + nix started out at the One and Only’s  Nobu Lounge for their ‘Sake in the City’ Ladies Night. As soon as we found a spot at the bar we were handed our complimentary  sake cocktails and really, the night just improved from there on out.

The venue is oh-so-posh and we’d dressed up perfectly for the evening. Sitting there sipping cocktails and eating canapes we couldn’t help but notice all the foreigners in the joint.

As it turned out there was a certain Texan who couldn’t help checking us out either. And by ‘checking out’ I mean STARING and by “Texan” I mean old git. The best part was when he whipped out his wallet, leaned into our personal space, flashed a huge wad of $$$ (yes, he was close enough for us to see the currency!) and then nonchalantly put it back in his pocket. Suave.

When that cool manoeuvre didn’t pique our interest he managed to insert himself into our conversation by what must be the pick up line of the week: “So, who are you supporting in the final?” In unison ka + I “Hup! Holland! Hup”ped; at which point his face drops and he looks directly at me and says: “I knew you couldn’t be perfect!” Ha! Bloody cheek! Of course I’m perfect. Sleezy Geeza. Thankfully he got bored or hungry or lonely and left. We downed our drinks and made a bee-line for The Assembly for the Live @ 5 CD launch.

I hadn’t been to The Assembly before so wasn’t sure what to expect. It turned out to be a decent size venue that thankfully for us wasn’t packed to capacity. Not quite the Nobu Lounge, but definitely more up my alley.

We grabbed a couple of beers and met up with a couple other ladies (and one token guy who bought us a round of tequilas). We weren’t there for long before Taxi Violence came on and did their set. They were actually very good – I had heard of them and have most probably heard their music on the radio, although I didn’t recognise any of it. But they were great – really enjoyed them!

About an hour or so later they finished up. Katherine from 5 gave away a bunch of cd’s + t-shirts and things (no freebies for us this time, though) and then the stage was prepped for my favourite SA band – The Parlotones 😀

I know that most South Africans have a love / hate thing going for these guys – some love ’em, some hate ’em… and I totally sit on the ‘love ’em’ side of the fence. They never ever fail to entertain me and this night was only better than any of the previous concerts. The venue like I said wasn’t packed, the sound was great, and they played a really long set, which I adored.

Jumping up and down, singing along, shouting, whistling (the wolf type!) – it was awesome!

Unavoidably they finished up their set and as they were packing up a security guard told us that they’d be hanging around in the bar area later (so back off!). Which we did… we mozied on back to the bar got some #welldeserved(afterallthatdancing!)beer and chilled for a bit. And yes, in the end the guys did come chill out in the bar area and yes, we did manage to chat with them for a while. You know; we talked about this and that – it was awesome! It was also getting getting late, so we got our things together and gave them (quick) hug good-bye, and said: See you soon!

Despite mrb’s absolute loathing for any school, especially his very own high school, we still made there for the Shark Spotters Comedy Fund-raising night. Maby it helped that we could smoke and drink on school property (that’s twice for me in less than a week!)

j-a.g, mrb, d&n-n & I went to watch Mark Sampson (a local-schmocal with what used to be blonde dreds but now has a blonde mullet) and Nik Rabinowitz do their comedy thang… it was all in aid of raising funds for the shark spotters whose jobs, while boring and underpaid are incredibly important! (For those of you who don’t know – we have a small problem in False Bay called the man-eating Great White Shark. The Shark Spotters sit on the mountains and watch for sharks. When they see them, they flag the guys on the beach and get everyone out of the water. And mostly, this system works – especially for lack of any other method!)

Waffle, waffle… Anyway, so both comedians were brilliant – Mark knowing the local area well enough to rip us all to shreds; managed to keep us in stitches for most of the night. We were also introduced to a local Oceanview group called the 783 Hip Hop Movement, who will be performing at one of the SWC ceremonies or games. Brilliantly talented kids – I loved listening to them and they enjoyed themselves so much on stage. One kid had on a gold sequenced cap,which I couldn’t tear my eyes away from. Another thought that he was one of the headline comedians and did his bit to keep us laughing.

Nik Rabinowitz, I think, was probably the main reason so many of us made it out (over 500 people showed up, I heard). I hadn’t really heard much of his material before (aside from the odd clip on Fresh’s show) but had heard awesome reviews. The guy is BRILLIANT! He does ALL the South African accents, the facial expressions, the personalities and his command of the African languages makes his show absolutely priceless 🙂

It ran on from 7pm till after 10pm and with the exception of a 20 – 30 min interval, we were pretty much rocking back and forth in our seats in fits of laughter all night long! Awesome show!!

Today was such an awesome day from beginning to end 🙂

Live Earth’s Walk for Water

k.a+ Cat collected me at 7.45am with a car packed full of picnic goodies. We were heading out to Spier for the Live Earth Walk for Water fund-raiser.  We made a quick stop at Olympia for some very fresh French loaf and then headed off to Stellenbosch. Via Baden Powel Drive. It’s much, much quicker that way, mrb. Just so you know! 😉

Of course, unprepared as I was I had no shorts and the day was starting to get really warm – so luckily for me, Cat lent me her shorts, which was a huge ftw! We collected our free T-shirts, headed back to the car to change and then made our way to the start line for the 6km run / walk. Some eager beavers did actually run the whole 6kms. We didn’t, of course… there was way too much beauty to behold en-route, to just rush past it all!

We made it back and found that we couldn’t take in any of our picnic goodies or drinks into the concert area because they preferred that you fork out a small fortune on what they were selling. 20 bucks for 1/2 a beer just didnt seem worth it.  We had brought along a couple of cold savannahs and k.a + I decided that we draw the line there: Booze – Line – Parlotones. To which smarty pants Cat said something about not drawing lines in the first place. I dont know, but as it turned out, the line shifted: Parlotones – line – Booze!

The Parlotones

My 4th concert so far and I am a total fan. I *love* their music, their lyrics and stage performance, them! So for me this was totally awesome. They sang all my favourite songs. After an hour of singing and dancing along with them, they had to stop, but were spotted around the back of the concert area chatting to the fans. I got my (sweaty!) t-shirt signed by the whole group (whooopppeeeee!), so did Cat + k.a. I was totally going to pack them into my back-pack, but then the security gave me one of *those* looks… so I just backed away carefully, signed t-shirt on my back. The three of us were so happy, we sang to The Parlotones *all* the way home…

Picnic in Tokai Forest

Because we could not picnic at Spier, we decided to take our goodies (and by now, seriously grumbling tummies) to Tokai Forest. Then we were chucked out of our initial spot (something about picnicking too close to the restaurant!) and found another <better> spot behind a few bushes + trees. We ate bread and drank wine, had cheese and savannahs. It was a perfect end to a perfect day. The weather was still warm, not a breath of wind. Just stunning. ‘cept for that fucking big wasp that tried to eat k.a’s arm. That was a bit freaky.

Chit Chat

After another day at Builders Warehouse (were you there too??) we came home + unpakced the car. mrb did the right thing after a day like today by making off with his board + his kite heading for the wind swept beach.

Within minutes I got a frantic call from mrs.m demanding that I come over and drink wine on the balcony right away. Of course I obliged. 🙂 From the balcony in Simon’s Town using some magical mega-zoom lens, we managed to take photos of Glencairn Beach where mrb + j.o’d were spotted rolling up their kites! Pretty impressive!

Later, while mrs.m cooked a delicious dinner, the boys were going over the tech. specs. for their (*surprise*) for Afrika Burn. 🙂 I think its going to be awesome. Us girls, of course, are just waiting for a complete product so that we can decorate it!

After dinner we sat outside and we all talked and talked and talked and then it was midnight. Its amazing how time can just disappear when you are in very good company.  Love you guys xx