It was mrb’s birthday on Monday and I asked him what he wanted (after 14 years together, I need a bit of inspiration, ok!)

So, besides a new kite & board (!) he’s asked for 5 home cooked meals. Now I don’t cook, never have, and never intended to… so this is a real challenge for me. My negotiating skills are better than my cooking skills, so I have bargained him down to 3 evening meals and 2 breakfasts. The only restriction I have, is that the meals can’t be bought (take aways) and they can’t be served between 2 slices of bread.

I did offer to put the peanut butter straight onto the plate, but apparently that wasn’t good enough!

So, while I’ve been panicking a little bit, ka has come to the rescue with a cook book she thinks I can get on with:

Anyone got any good (easy-peasy) recipe ideas for me??