Today I was part of a flash mob that gathered in Green Market Square in Cape Town. At 1pm *sharp* a collection of randoms turned up with scissors in hand; ready to run down to the City Hall.

Organised by Spier Contemporary the “Running with Scissors” event took us to their exhibitoin at City Hall. The exhibition is intended to… (from their website) …”provide an open platform for all artists to show their work, uncompromised by the limitations of technology, space and access. Artists in South Africa work under extremely varied conditions and see from radically different perspectives. These differences are what define our collective identity and unique social and cultural landscape. The Spier Contemporary provides a space for exploring our diversity, giving audiences insights into our complexity and thus contributing to our understanding of difference.

At 1pm (and after security threats about “illegal gatherings” started getting serious) about 50+ very brave randoms donned red headbands and ran through the city centre, scissors in hands, screaming and shouting. One bystander I ran past, said to another: “Look at all the hairdressers!”

LOL!! Not quite, but if anyone followed us, they would have reached the exhibition, which is free to the public and still on view until the 14th of May 2010.

To get a feel for the day, take a look here:

And to find out more about the event, check out their facebook page here:

Next time…. I’ll see you there!