A special note to my Dad: Happy Father’s Day! Thanks for Everything – Love you Lots!

This morning we met mrb’s dad (crb + m) for breakfast at Knead in Muizenberg. That place always pumps, but we managed to get a seat outside and enjoy a really yummy breakfast. They devoured their breakfast pizza’s which is always a winner. My more conservative scrambled eggs on toast was very good if not as glamourous! (Next time we have to try the Burger Pizza!)

It was just such a beautifully, perfect day. Father & son hired boardsand wetsuites and headed off for the surf while us girls chatted on the beach, soaking up the sun and being entertained by.. well: A guy wearing pink pantoffels and board shorts. A couple so drunk we couldnt work out if they’d started early this Sunday morning or if they were still going from Saturday, but we doubled over when she leaned down to roll up her jeans and landed on her face! Shame. At one point there was a little stunt plane flying up and down the beach – loop-di-loops and barrol rolls. Just as m decided she’d fetch the coffee flask from the car the boys appeared (as if by magic!) A quick coffee and they were back in the surf for another hour.

We finally left some time after 2:30. Headed home just long enough to shower / change and meet up at The Toad for the Italy / NZ game. Cheering like mad for Italy – wearing all the Azzurri colours and crying in agony at every saved goal (5 saved??) I have to take my hat off to that NZ goal keeper – a brilliant job!! In the end we didnt lose (shew!) but we did draw, which for the world champs… well let me not get into that here…

It was a very cool Fathers Day 🙂  Thanks crb for being an awesome Dad-in-law!!