We went to AB last year for the first time and we were so totally blown away, that we promised to go again this year (and every other year that we possibly can)

We’ve tried to convince lots of people to come along and YAY for us n&r-m decided to plan their entire holiday to SA around this one event. I am sure they will tell you that they are super-stoked that they did.

This year was phenomenal! Ok, it did take us 9 hours to get there from CT thanks to a fully loaded VW van + trailer and a moerse big road block on the N1.

But we did get there – just after mid-night on Friday. n&r-m rang the virgin bell. Hell, so did mrb and I 🙂

We hastily pitched a tent and went off exploring in the night. We stayed out most of the night – I certainly saw the sun come up! In fact now that I think about it, I could not have had all too many hours sleep during the entire weekend!

We saw gigantic leggos (“letgo”) and a massive rubik’s cube. We huddled in a tiny little-old-ladies room in the middle of the desert, drinking our beer.

We saw the actual ‘boerewors gordyn’ and peered at the moon through a telescope.  We sat under an octopus and in a Bedouin tent.

We handed out painted rocks and chalk boards and blew bubbles. We created a Theo Jansen look-a-like and made it walk! We saw all the colourful lights of the night and felt the warmth of the burns.

We heard the anvil! We rode on the desert pirate ship and cycled on our pimped up bicycles all night long.

We played soccer on a field wearing binocular lenses the wrong way around. We danced and huddled by the fire. We made friends.

We swam in a freezing cold dam in the desert. We ran through the echo. We walked to and fed the triple bypass *lots* of times. We saw the floating balloons and found the charred snowman. We encouraged the pendulum to swing all the way around.

You *have* to come next year!