I’m in my element… the happy one 🙂 mrb has decided to work one job instead of 2, which means he’s working from home these (last 2) days. He did ask whether it would be ‘ok’ since I am on sabbatical and I have my own space. But – of course its ‘ok’!

He’s less stressed, he’s happier, he’s home more, he’s more ‘present’. I now have the company of my best friend, we get up when we want to (no more alarm clocks!) we smile and joke and have a wonderful time. We even had our very first #lunchbeer today. Although that was an epic fail** on mrb’s part… but we have time to practice!

On my way home from my 2nd #luncbeer of the day (thanks ka), Fresh was playing the ‘cheese of the day’, which was none other than “Katrina And The Waves – Walking On Sunshine”. Singing along, as you’re supposed to with cheese of the day; I had to reflect on how perfectly happy I am right now and if all the kuk previously made it possible to be this happy – then, ja: it was worth it!

I feel the love,I feel the love, I feel the love that’s really real
I feel the love, I feel the love, I feel the love that’s really real

I’m walking on sunshine , wooah
I’m walking on sunshine, woooah
I’m walking on sunshine, woooah
and don’t it feel good!!

** first he doesn’t finish his #lunchbeer, THEN he won’t let ME (his wife for life) finish it for him. #epicfail.