briefly mentioned, but haven’t formally introduced my favourite boy in the whole wide world: JAKE. Jake is the proud owner of my bff, ka and cat. He is boisterous, he’s a digger, he’s a jumper. But he is also FULL of Love, has the most beautiful puppy-dog eyes, is loyal, strong (learning to listen!) and the moment you lay eyes on him, you’ll be in love for ever!

I spent the early part of day with him on Saturday – I brought him a postman’s leg, which he seemed more than happy to chew on, carry around and chew on some more. He is my favourite boy 🙂

After that, ka and I went over to my house for some work and stuff. It occurred to me *at the last moment* that we had a beer emergency for the braai that followed and… well… ka tells it best: click here for the full story

Sunday was stunning – My beautiful sister & I went to Tribeca for breakfast, walked around Kalk Bay, admiring the most interesting and beautiful *things* in all the little shops.

I have found the most stunning little summer dress, that I  Must Have – It’s expensive so I am working on mrb for the go-ahead!

What followed was delicious strawberry daiquiris, the company of my sister and ka and sun shine and good times!!