Gee Whizz… so much in one day!

Congrats goes out to j-a.g for getting through the nominations phase of the 2010 Blog Awards! Voting is now open and you can vote EVERY SINGLE DAY from now until the 17th of September. Put it in your diary and support our local favourite blogs. Click here and select your favourites (Travel Blog has already been selected on this link)

Congrats also goes out to me for cooking my first meal for mrb. He was treated to French Toast & Bacon & Cheese & Coffee for breakfast. Not bad for a first meal! 🙂 I have 1 breakfast & 3 dinners left to complete.

Spring Day – and in true CT fashion it poured all day long! I loved it and am now sooo ready for summer!

Hump Day was celebrated with ka and a couple of beers with an appropriately ‘hump day’ Girls Night Out for….

Groupie Day!! Or, more accurately, groupie night: We went to see the Parlotones on the first gig of their 2010 World Tour. Have I mentioned that I am a fan??

The show started with The Black Hotels followed by Ash, each doing 45 mins or so. If you an imagine the floor space of the concert as a mini-me version of CT then we were standing in Constantia (the irritating teeny-bopper girly girls of Constantia). We stayed there for the Black Hotels set and at the break left for a quick beer / smoke. We came back in as Ash started playing (they’re very cool, btw) and decided to give Constantia a skip and headed over, instead to the ‘other’ side. Turns out we ended up right in the middle of Belville which was a bit too much of Afrikaans but we decided to risk it and stay. We slowly wormed our way to the (almost) front.

If you’re wondering where the ‘deep south’ might have been located in the floor plan, it was almost certainly outside at the smokers corner!

Eventually The Parlotones started the concert, which was more or less the same time that I started jumping up and down and dancing without a care in the world… Well more less than more: First, I had to get into a fight with some Afrikaans chick. She’d pushed her way in front of us and annoyed us immediately – not only for pushing in but also for having a STUPID hairstyle. Anyway out comes the blackberry and she has it up for like 30 mins, taking video and photos which means our entire experience of the concert had been reduced to looking through her blackberry screen because there wasn’t anyway of seeing past it. Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore, so I tapped her on the shoulder and told it her was distracting and could she maby not do that for the whole concert. She swore at me and told me she’d paid just as much as I had for my ticket. (um, preciscely!) So I tried to compromise and I asked her to at least put it away for every 2nd song?? She swore at me some more so I said that they very specifically said ‘no cameras’ at which point she tried to take another picture about 2 inches away from my face, so I put my hand in front of her ‘lens’ and then she tried to elbow me in the face. At that point I took a deep breath and thought about how to deal with her. What I had thought must have been written on my face because I had obviously scared the hell out of her; she immediately backed down and put that stupid thing away. How irritating to have to even interact with her In The Middle Of A Parlotones Concert!!! – Bitch. HA!  Anyway I won 😛

Well the rest of the night was great. After the show we forced our way into the ‘closed’ Spur for a beer (just because your kitchens are closed, doesn’t mean your beer fridge stops working, now does it?). Anyway, we didnt stay too long and as we were leaving ka decided to walk to the bathrooms on the *other* side of the arena. Turns out she is a natural homing beacon. There the boys were again; chilling, chatting and laughing and of course (thanks to ka) we got our 5 mins of hugs and *much love* again. They are very cool 😀