Um. No.

Its been a little more than a month since I started my sabbatical and I have not had a single moment of bordem yet. In fact, I put a ‘pj’ day into my calendar for today for the purpose of doing nothing – not even getting out of bed. But: this week filled up so quickly with to-do’s that I’ve had to reschedule it for neeeext week Tuesday. Well, lets hope so anyway.

Between admin (insurances, tax, blah) and general sorting out of *stuff* (things that need to come out of cupboards and other things that need to get into them), brushing up on my web design skillz (more on that later), getting acquainted with my camera and (most importantly) the hugely fun and entertaining hours spent with friends… well lets just say it hasn’t been ‘slow’.

Its awesome that I have so much time ahead of me, otherwise I’d start panicking a bit about all that I still ‘want’ to do, but haven’t got anywhere near to starting yet. This is why no 1- or 2-week holiday from work is ever really restful. You have to find a way to take a longer time-out to do everything and still have enough time to get bored.

And while I am sitting here, appreciating my time off, I have the most beautiful sunset to accompany me.