On our way to Hermaus – stopping on Sir Lowry’s Pass – pretty, hey!

This weekend saw us in Hermanus for more birthday celebrations 😀 There were, of course friends, family and copious amounts of alcohol. It was sweet!

On Saturday, the boys tried to go kiting and unfortunately the wind was just fucking with them – far too gusty to play… it was all like:

WIND!!!!! no wind.

WIND!!!!! no wind.

And imagine trying to deal with that, on top of a hangover! lol shame; ja so we left…

We went to Cubana’s (where else is there to go in Hermanus??) for a drink while trying to decide what to do next. While we were there, my brother calls; they were on their way over and were just outside of Hermanus when his bloody car had broken down.

So hono decides that he’ll do the honours of collecting them, so that just left mrb & me to ‘guard’ an 8-seater table (rugby would be starting in a few hours). Anyway mrb goes for a smoke. I sit there and order a chicken sandwhich and then I noticed this retard (some fat chick wearing tooooo much pink) sitting with what must be her family at the table opposite kept eyeballing me. It was seriously freaking me out, so I thought stuff that – I’m also going for a smoke. I grab my jacket and bag and went outside to find mrb & some stuyvies..

About 10 mins later we go back to our table the the retard is STILL looking over at us and is totally creeping us out. We’re literally hiding behind our pints going: wft dude??? hee hee

Anyway, so the waitress comes over and points to mrb’s black, metal water bottle on the table and asks: What is that? So he says its a water bottle and takes off the lid to show her the water slooshing around inside. So she laughs quietly and says that the table opposite had been watching us arrive and then leave one at a time and the only thing we left behind on the table and in plain site (!) was this black can.


No wonder the retard kept checking us out. Anyway they must have figured that that was what the waitress was talking to us about, because after she explained; we could not shut up – we laughed and pointed and laughed some more. Eventually they left. Then we laughed some more.

How paranoid can you get?? It’s only flippen HERMANUS man, come on! So – this has to be the first time we have ever been accused of being bombers… suicide or otherwise.

That little episode was followed by more drinking, poker, and of course my little ‘finger-being-jammed-in-the-door-and-getting-squashed-and-burst-like-a-grape’ incident. 😦

Sunday was a bit of a blur – I had low blood sugar and I think I might have scared the locals (again??) by demanding breakfast LIKE YESTERDAY!!! GGRRRR. I dont really remember. But was made our way back to CT (via Somerset West to collect my bro’s car that had been towed there) and we towed it to Rondebosch. It was somewhere there that I started feeling better again 🙂

And for the 2nd Sunday in a row… Home Sweet Home.