After that dodgy episode of Dawie taking off our roof last winter and having the Cape of Storms move into the top floor and then into the ground floor while we were away for the weekend; mrb & I have become a little paranoid about what we might find when we get home after any time away. So with a little trepidation, we rolled in after our holiday, wondering what had happened while we were away.

The first thing was an email we received from the Australian Gov, Dept of Immigration & Citizenship. The letter said:

Dear mrb

I am pleased to advise that your application for a Class VE, subclass 175 Skilled – Independent visa was approved on 04 August 2010 and visas granted to the following applicants:
Mrs Redzxber

So, after that whole drama, just like that and very unceremoniously they sent us an EMAIL. There –> done and dusted, visa is yours. The application started over 3 years ago and we applied for it while still in the UK. Now that we’re settled back in CT & have also never actually been to Oz, we’re not so sure we want to pack up and rush over. But hey… its not like we havent relocated before… eeck-not-again! Anyway we’ve decided that we’ll go over and visit next year and decide after that. At least we have the visa now – the choice is ours.

Also, while we were away, our neighbours (the ones I really, really dont like!!) moved out! YIPPEEEE 😀 I actually jumped for joy on our deck when I found out! WooT WooT!!

And then…. some bastard stole my lilies out of my garden. They’ve actually been dug out of the ground (so we know it wasn’t the baboons) 😦 Who does that??? Freaks.

My sister did an awesome job of house-sitting and looking after out babies – THANKS SO MUCH