I’ve mentioned to a few ppl that I think Zanzibar is very ugly dirty and generally not the beautiful postcard pictures you imagine… although, believe me, you can get stunning areas on the island. I’ll just add a few pics to show you what I mean.

There is a lot of litter everywhere, which chickens, cows, goats pick at and eat.

Stone Town

Stone Town

Meat market in Stone Town

Fruit & Veg Market in Stone Town

Fish Market in Stone Town

Stone Town

Stone Town

Stone Town

Jambiani, the area we stayed in – this is just behind the place we stayed. Full of litter.

These are shacks where the locals live, behind the house we stayed in.

The only tap in the area (directly behind our house). Its tied up, so we didn’t think it worked – which is why everyone used the facilites where we stayed.

My lunch. mrb had the tail end of this.

The locals empty their bins onto the beach for the goats, cows, chickens or the ocean to take away. This is at the house next to the one we stayed at.

Goats eating litter.

The ferry dock when we left. Not so ugly, but noisy and smelly!