2 Weeks in Zanzibar, just me and my man… no phones, no computers, no friends, no family; just us, books, beaches, beer = bliss.

Zanzibar does have the most stunning beaches – the sand is as soft as clay – I know we have awesome beaches in CT, but this is unbelievable. The weather was a mixed bag – really really hot days, followed by windy ones and some stormy days (although not much rain while we were there.)

We did make one little friend while we were there. This little boy kept us company every day we were there. It helped us not to miss our babies too much over the 14 days. He was extremely cute (we debated the possibility of bringing him home….) And he managed to get into our stash of biltong and eat about 1/2kg of it in one sitting.

Zanzibar is well known as the Spice Island, so of course we went on a ‘spice tour’. The picture above was on a plantation, and they grow everything from vanilla, cinnamon, pepper corns, cocoa, cardamon, ginger, lots of fruit (9 different types of bananas – including a pink one!) We bought a few samples of their local coffee – cardamon coffee, vanilla coffee, cinnamon and vanilla coffee, plain coffee… really, you guys need to come around for some coffee!

We also went to Prison Island and had a quick walk around. It was very prison-like – nothing too exciting, except for the hundreds of African Tortoises they have there. We arrived at feeding time, so theres me giving this old one some lettuce. The oldest tortoise they have there is 185 years old. Pretty impressive.

We did make it to Stone Town this time around (we missed it last year). Everyone made a very big deal about us going and so this time we didn’t miss it. It was definitely an eye opener, although not my favourite place, it has to be said. (More on stone town later)

mrb did get in some kitesurfing, which was cool. There were a few days he managed to go out right where we were staying (the tide change was so large that some days there was no beach for him to launch and other days there was a 1km walk over sea urchins to get to the water.)  On other days we walked the 6km’s up the  beach to the more popular kitesurfing spot (with all his gear!) so that at least made us a bit fitter 🙂

Getting around is very expensive if you want to take a taxi anywhere, so we hired a ‘vespa’ for a day. That was lots of fun – although this thing is sooo tiny and neither of our helmuts stayed on our heads – so I had my one hand on my helmut and my other hand on mrb’s helmut to keep it on while chugging along at 70km’s an hour. Oh and the ‘vespa’ only had 2 gears: 1st and 4th – which made riding around in stone town, in hectic traffic (cars, bikes, people, cattle, goats etc!) quite challenging! At least I know that mrb is an excellent rider!

Towards the end of the week,  the heavy tides came in. In the picture above there was usually a long stretch of beach in front, but this afternoon we got back and the waves were bashing up against our wall. So we put on costumes and played in the stormy surge for ages. That was a lot of fun – giggling like kids, playing in the strong stormy water, which eventually got bigger better faster more:

And about 3 seconds later my camera was soaked!!

On another day we hired a scrambler (which was way more fun than the ‘vespa’). We popped in to the butterfly world, which was kinda fun:

We also explore Zanzibar a bit more and ended up somewhere near Unguja Kuu, where we found a B&B / restaurant run by an Italian and his Thai wife / partner. They had a really cool spot – with a 900+ year old Baobab on their premises. The baobab makes fuit, which they use to make baobab juice. It was totally delicious – thick like pear juice with a caramel / amarula type flavour to it. Yummeh!

We then got directions on how to get to Uzi Island – there is a single coral rock road that thats you to the island. The road is only accessible when the tide is low and is surrounded on either side by mangroves. Thank goodness we had the scrambler, because that road would have killed the tyres on the ‘vespa’. (Are you getting that is wasn’t a real vespa?? lol!) Anyhoo… it was a hellava bumpy ride – there isnt anything of interest on Uzi island, that we could find, but we did manage to get some cool pics of the mangroves:

mrb wanted to go out on one of the dhows to join the locals on a fishing trip. The dhow we went on was teeny-tiny: sitting port side, your knees are touching starboard! And there were 5 of us on there. The funny part, though, is that they fish using hand lines and they baited up, cast out, hooked the fish, then gave the line to either mrb or me to reel in. We reeled in about 5 or 6 little tropical fish, before mrb got bored 🙂

About 2kms out, we got to a shallow reef. So shallow that we pulled up and walked across it. Along the way we saw some awesome tropical fish, star fish and even a coral snake! The most amazing, has to be this iridescent sea urchin that we came across. It was underwater, shimmering in reds and blues and purples. Truly amazing; I’ve never seen anything like it before:

We managed to get some snorkeling in as well and saw some huge coral and lots of tropical fish. And in between all that, we mostly sat the beach, reading, chatting, drinking beer and just chilling out 🙂