Happy Birthday Madiba! And what a wonderful thing, turning it into International Mandela Day – 67 minutes of doing something for our community!

ka, cat & I headed out to TEARS this morning, to do our orientation and then to help walk the rescue dogs around the area. It was so amazing to see such an awesome turnout. Loads of people all there eager to get involved and help out where they can. We had some lovely dogs to walk – some need coaching back inside with a pocket full of treats. Ah – to be able to take them all home and love them!

Well – Jock is one lucky boy – after a totally not-ftw burglary on Friday, ka decided they need a new member of the family – one to make them feel safe, to keep the aging Sasha company and one to love them. The moment ka set eyes on this gorgeous dog, she knew he was the right one. We had some one on one time with him, and I have to say that I am absolutely smitten! Beautiful boy!

Let me introduce you to the newest member of my extended family:
Jock Male; DOB: ± 2008;    Rescued: March, 2010.
Jock is a medium-sized rich tan with white Staffie crossbreed. He was found wandering along Kalk Bay Main Road. Jock is a strong, enthusiastic, responsive and sportive boy who has lots of energy and is always up for a good game of “rough and tumble”. He is responsive, bold and a very quick learner. Jock would be the ideal companion for an active couple without other dogs, and where he can be a part of the family.

I cant wait to welcome you (to my 2nd) home!!