Invited along on a work function, we set out to Vaudeville on Friday night. I dashed home after work, dressed up gorgeously (in 30 minutes!) and headed out to our pick up point in Kommetije. The pre-organised lifts to and from CT meant that we could bravely / stupidly tuck into the seemingly non-stop flow of beers and tequilas! Yum. 🙂

Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to take too many photos during the show, so I’ve had to commit as much as tequila-ly possible to memory. It was a totally random show with lots of near naked skinny girls, swing and trapeze artists, girls in cat suits, singing, strong (totally strong!) men doing… well I didnt get much past the mussels… 🙂

I do recall a weridy penguin man thing walking around scaring the crowd! And of course the giant creepy face hanging from the ceiling pulling faces at all of us! Frenchy over here was the mc with a real grizzly voice and scary suggestive giggle (sounding a bit like a harley starting!).

We were seated in these bright velvety red booths with a perfect view of the stage and with waitresses delivering anything and everything we asked them to!

The show barely stopped for starters, mains and deserts – which were delicious – our entire table opted for the Springbok shank for mains and the death-by-chocolate for desert 🙂

Also on sale were various props – funny hats, funny mustaches (which the guys liked so much; they have ALL committed to participate in Movember!) I was given a beautiful, pink and fluffy cowboy hat – which I think I can only ever use again at Afrika Burn!

After the show the party continued at The Fez club on site – which was great – especially the part where we found a booth dedicated to the staff event that was absolutely laden with beers, wine and champagne! And most importantly somewhere to sit (looking gorgeous generally involves wearing heels, which I just dont do!)

At some point we decided to check the time – and just as well… we had 5 mins to get on the last bus home – and I am very very happy to say that we made it back in one piece. Just.