Last week the devastating news broke that the festival on Mafia Island that we were so looking forward to was cancelled. The tricky bit of course is that the flights, ferry and transfers were not cancelled. Now with only 3 weeks before we go, our accommodation had not been booked (or budgeted for) and we’ve been sitting in a pretty hectic situation.

Anyway – the good news! I have found and booked alternative accommodation on Zanzibar. We’ve got a lovely house right on the beach on the Indian Ocean called Vanilla House and we’ll be staying there for 2 whole weeks!

All that must happen now is that our ferry from Dar to Mafia is re-routed to Zanzibar and the on-island transfers are arranged (already paid for!).

Everything else stays the same, flights etc.. So although we’re having to pay for the accommodation, it is do-able and while the accommodation is basic it does have a stunning location, is close enough to Stone Town – which we missed last time – and comes highly recommended to visit and best yet (for for mrb, that is) he can take his kites. Exciting!!