Today started off with a baboon breaking our kitchen window trying to get in. I’ve watched them check doors and windows for anything unlocked, but this is the first time they’ve actually broken a window to get in!! In all fairness the glass was cracked and I’ll bet anything this is the same baboon that mrb was waving carrots at through the same window a few days before. Anyway, after a quick patch up job, we grabbed our gear and headed for the beach.

We went back to Muizenberg beach – mrb & mr.t went surfing for a couple of hours while I chilled on the beach, listening to music on my ipod – watching the waves, people and animals go by. It’s been such a stunning winters day with the sun shining and everyone smiling 🙂

After that (and the obligatory trip to builders warehouse for a new window!) mrb & I popped into Cape to Cuba for a couple of beers, some chilled out tunes and tapas. I love Cape to Cuba, its got beach sand for my toes, delicious cocktails for my palate and stunning views to rest my eyes on… hmmm…. I’m not sure why we left, actually!

All that remains now is some sundowners at home on our deck followed by a good old zombie flick!