Friday night was very cool – we had a “siblings night out”. We went to Jamaican Me Crazy in Woodstock. We had a fantastic time – good food and great company. A divine evening spent with my sister, brother, mrb and mrs.t 🙂 We sat upstairs RIGHT in front of the big screen sipping cocktails and catching up 🙂

Our timing was perfect – we were just wiping the last of the ribs bbq sauce from our faces when the The Ghana / Uruguay Game started. We expected it to be a good game, but by the time they called the extra 30 mins of over time – the game was getting just a little TOO tense. Sitting on the edge of our seats, screaming and shouting… the WHOLE restaurant was routing for Ghana and, man, by the time the penalty shoots outs came on, I could feel their pain… shame man: So Bloody Close!

But despite the sad ending – the whole night was fantastic! Thanks my beautiful sister for organising it!!