And it was just us girls!

We were all kitted out for the Italy / Springboks game with our beer, biltong and other yummy snacks. We jumped up and down cheering and shouting and nominating HABANA FOR PRESIDENT (again!) and Cat blew her vuvuzela and announced the ever increasing score to the rest of the neighbourhood at the top of her little (!) lungs. Feeling very happy after giving the Italians a proper ass-kicking it was time for the braai.

After a short time, an ever extinguishing blitz and a burnt finger, we figured out the webber (the small grill goes inside, the wood on top!) and made a fire to rival any expert braai-er! Cat (aka Chef Pistachio) cooked up a very delicious rack of ribs – better than what I had in Simon’t Town last week!

For Mother’s Day k.a got the Live Design cd / dvd, so we put the full Parlotones concert on and sang along while munching on ribs and downing beers 🙂 An no, we dont care about their online arguments and no, we haven’t got bored of them yet!

And then… what better way to end a rather macho (except maby the concert!) evening than to watch a final game of footy? We were totally rooting for Cameroon (being an African country and us being so very patriotic!). Pity Denmark won 😦 But it was a very good game to watch. We’re definitley getting into this Fifa thing.

Thanks girls for an awesome day!