My boss was recently invited to attend the “launch” of the new FUNicular at Cape Point which they have named The Flying Dutchman. (Funicular = tram that takes lazy people up the hill to the lighthouse)

She couldn’t make it to the launch, so j-a.g was asked to ‘cover the event’. I am winding down with work and insisted on coming along. Come On: There was free breakfast, free champagne and a whole lot of time out of the office.

So we went through this morning. Sat through numerous seriously boring speeches made by seriously boring government / tourism types – but managed to get through that with a few glasses of champers. We had to hear the story of the flying dutchman a few times as well – I guess they really wanted to put their point across about it being THEIR story and THEIR legend; because, well you know Cape Agulhas stole the Southern Most Tip of Africa from them AND THEN they stole the Where The Two Oceans Meet as well. Bastards.

So, we go up, take some more photos and have another drink and go down and leave. And Thats Where The Ghost Story Starts:

We stop off in Simon’s Town to get some cash – only to realise that j-a.g’s wallet is missing. Shit. So we search the car and re-search the car and check it again. Gone. Crap. So we decide to go back to Cape Point (which, btw, can lay claim to having the most South Western Tip of Africa-ish).

We looked at the place we had stopped on the way out for photographs. Not there. We go back to the restaurant and check there. Nothing. We phone j-a.g’s parents and ask them to check at home (just in case!) and wait for their call back. We find some girl working there, who remembers someone handing in a black wallet matching the description of this missing one. YAY! So we follow her to some admin office and they bring it out. Not the right one. Double Crap. So we get back in the car and call j-a.g’s son to see whether he had found it. Nope.

BUT – As she’s chatting on the phone, I turn my head to look at the backseat ONE MORE TIME and what is lying there – RIGHT on top of everything and in Plain Sight? The Wallet! I had a feeling we’d find the wallet at Cape Point. I didn’t think it would be in the backseat of the car at Cape Point. And do you know what? It hadn’t been there before – we had looked properly for it! I reckon Captain Hendrik van der Decken stole it. He took it and in the end (because we came all the way back for it) he had to give it back and decided to drop it off in the car while we were out to make it look like it was there all the time.

That is the most logical explanation I have.