And thats what you get when you send us out on our own for a Girls Night.

To go back to the beginning, ka & i met j-a.g & kat & a at the stunning Grand Daddy roof top bar for a few cocktails (& beers!) Thanks again j-a.g for the freebies 🙂  It was the wearesohappyyoucamebackbeer for our recently-returned-from-Holland friend kat. Woot! A few drinks and almost-cupcakes later we left town (via Grand Daddy’s revealing bathrooms!) and headed to Obz Cafe for the main event.

In the small, intimate theater we found Nix, last but not least of our group 🙂 We were about to be treated to the classical sounds of 2 talented musicians, playing guitar for a couple of hours – or so we were lead to believe. First up was Thomas Seizure who played the guitar particularly well, I thought. His singing sent shock waves rippling down our row. The poor guy looked like he was in agony when he belted out those lyrics and he pretty much sounded like he was in agony too. We were deciding who should call the medic, when it dawned on one of us that this was what it was supposed to sound like.

Once that little fact sunk in we each tried to distract our selves from the obvious pain on the poor man’s face by looking elsewhere while he was having a seizure singing. Kat and I were facinated by the 2 rather large dents in the head of the guy in front of us… What do you supposed happened there?? The giggling gerties to my left made it difficult to pay any attention to anything at all. Due credit to them, they did try to distract themselves by pointing how much j-a.g’s stocks (or was it sockings?) looked just like the material covering the chairs in the little theater. (Uncanny resemblance!).

I did enjoy the little note passed down the row to me explaining how the almost seizures on the stage were simply too much to cope with (j-a.g: where on earth did you get a koki from??) Within minutes of that ka had to leave, before she was thrown out. About 20 mins later, it was interval and we could escape to some well deserved beer. And (hopefully) looking massively forward to the 2nd half and the 2nd musician: j-a.g’s mr. snoggery.

The second half saw us in different seats: Taking on a school teachers usual remedy, we decided that if we rearranged ourselves there wouldn’t be nearly so much silly giggling and that we would be able to appreciate the musical expertise. Ja, like worked. Well it might have had mr snoggery sorted out his speaker feedback problem. Flippen hell man, it was soooo loud and sounded soo awful. By the time he brought out that saw and violin bow thing, my ears were bleeding and I was curled up in a little ball on the floor screaming STOP! STOP! I’LL TELL YOU ANYTHING! It was round about then that I decided it would be a good idea to remove myself and seek refuge in the smoky bar and treat myself to another nice cold beer. Surprisingly the rest of the girls stayed in until the end of the set – maby they had earplugs as well as kokis hidden in their bags…?

The rest of the night was awesome – I cant tell you everything, now can I?

Let’s do it again soon, girls. Without the guitar-duo though, please!