So for the past 3 years and 1 month we have been trying to get our Aus visa. This application started while we were still in the UK. We had intended to pop over to SA on our way there and in the end decided to come home until we got the visa. So: 3 years later, a shit load of money later, a shit load of hard work (on mrb’s part) later, a shit load of forms filled out, a shit load of running around like dooses getting police clearance checks for SA & the UK for both of us, medicals for both of us, including blood tests and x-rays, a R2500 English exam for mrb and did I mention a shit load of forms and a shit load of money??? We are talking about a serious commitment here…

2 Years back in SA, we’re settling in and rethinking our long term strategy (boolshit-bingo!). So earlier this year we took the decision to forget it. If they ask us for anything else, we will do it as long as it doesn’t cost us any more money.

So when they asked us for more forms we sent them. Then they asked for new police clearance checks, we thought – ok… it costs, but not that much, so lets do it. We took time off work, got finger printed and sent them off to Pretoria, via R400 courier.

But now they want me to do an English exam (my matric cert, my adv diploma, and my reference letter for working in a professional capacity (I was a Procurement Executive, no less!) in the UK for more than 3 years… All not good enough, although all those forms were requested as proof that I have ‘basic English‘).

PLUS now they want new medicals – the others expired, its taken to long. So more $$, more blood tests, and more x-rays and after all that, we STILL may not get the flipping visa! (‘flipping’ -> for when ‘fucking’ just wont do)

So. Is it time to chuck it all in? Are we too close to give up now? Or should we just cut our loses and not waste any more time / money??

I’m thinking the latter. We have 2 cats now plus I really, really want a puppy…