Following on from my 2 x Scio sessions in April / May I went for my first Cranial Sacral Therapy session today. For those of you who are extremely sceptical about the benefits of alternative therapies you may as well skip to the next post cause this will bore you.

For me, I found it super interesting. I lie on a table (face up) and Cristina first checks that my chakras are open using her crystal on a pendant. It spins and she says that my chakras are open (yay-me!)

Next she checks my feet, putting presure on certain areas – she tells me she’s getting a history / time line from this. And then she starts the session. She puts pressure on points along the base of my skull, my chest and my sacrum in turn. She’s opening blockages to my energy lines and allowing the flow of spinal fluid from one end to the other.

After a while she is done and I get up and we do a visualisation exercise where she ‘grounds’ me. This was pretty interesting because I had my back to her and she told me to imagine a bright light above my head and to slowly bring it down through my body, all the way down to my feet and then to imagine roots growing through them into the ground. The interesting part was when in my imagination the bright light got stuck twice and in both instances her hand on my back got ‘stuck’ to and she had to verbally encourage me to carry on. Weird.

Afterwards we talked about what she ‘picked up’ from the session. It was all interesting because it was all true. It was true in a sense that I know what she is talking about, but I have been to afraid to really face it all head on. Important issues to deal with.

So, like last time I have walked away with instructions: I have the right to say no. I need to practice putting up and using my boundaries. I need to make time for myself. I need to remember that it is ok to give but that I should not allow others to take. And I need to remember that I can do only as much as I can do.

She explained that we are made up for 4 parts: emotional, spiritual, physical and mental. Through the course of my life and because of a lot of what I went through in my early years I am very strong on the mental and physical level.

I am now in a transformation. I now need to attend to my emotional and spiritual needs in equal measures to my mental and physical needs.

After the session, I felt elated. I have read up about this type of therapy and have read that you can feel this way.

I have another session booked in 2 weeks. I feel good about it and am looking forward to it.