After a very delicious b’ay lunch at Bihari, I collected ka and met up wit j-a.g et al at The Toad for the Stormers / Bulls game. Obviously we kicked ass – but we kicked ass so easily that it didn’t look like they needed much of our support.  Instead we did our best to support the flow of Heineken to our table. Yum.

Just after the game though everyone buggered off leaving ka & I totally defenseless in the company of one loud and horny visiting vaalie – who btw, according to his friends is “Totally harmless, because he is married”. Yes, he was drunk and yes he was flirting, and by the time that I had to physically kick him off my bench, I thought he may have got the hint that a) married and b) not fucking interested.  Of course being drunk and horny, he didn’t get it. Instead he bought the 2 tables a round of tequilas and insisted on a personalised tour of the Kommetjie lighthouse. Yes, he was that drunk.  Luckily for me, it wasn’t so long ago that I had toooo many tequilas and vaguely remember making a complete ass of myself, so this time I let him have the tequila, gave him directions to the lighthouse, grabbed ka and made a swift exit, hopefully before he could notice that we were not going to Kommetjie.

The rest of the evening was spent talking & drinking in the company of my surrogate parents (aka ka’s actual parents). Awesome stories, lots of debates, some nostalgia.

It turned out to be a very cool night!