j-a.g smuggled me into the VIP / Press launch for the 2010 International Fine Art Collection. Considering I was only supposed to be giving j-a.g a lift to Cavendish, I wasn’t prepared for an evening out so she did a great job of talking me onto the guest list.

It was actually quite cool – they had given something like 150 artists from about 32 countries a brief and using that, they each produced some very different works of art. They had a couple of the international artists there signing their prints (at a whooping $1000+); in particular one bashful Mexian artist ala: Alejandro… (pronounced Alahandro -> same as Jono is pronouced Hono)

They also had a Kenyan born local artist painting there on the night. Starting off with a vague sketch on his canvas, spent the rest of the evening painting it to completion. That was really cool to watch. We chatted with his wife – whose name, despite trying really hard, we have not been able to get. She also had very pretty shoes.

Then there was creepy fake-tan sideshow bob lingering in our space. There is a story about him explaining ‘sorried’ to us and then trying to force his wine down our throats – but if you want to know more about that one, you’ll have to ask!