There’s something about dark grey skies and lots of rain that makes me want to cuddle up in my pj’s with a good book, both my cats + a hot (Amarula) chocolate. (Awesome cliché isn’t it)

Thinking about this little fantasy, I realised that I dont have any winter pj’s so j-a.g and I went to Cavendish for some winter retail therapy. I splashed out on a stunning and very soft winter gown (not the zip up ones they seem to have everywhere!) I also opted for some old skool cotton pj’s – aka flannels. Very mooi… but they look very comfy, so we’re getting there!

Oh and Earthfire (the ceramic fireplace ppl) have arranged installation of my ceramic red firepot on Monday.  YAY, can’t wait!

This may turn out to be my best winter, yet 🙂