Today was such an awesome day from beginning to end 🙂

Live Earth’s Walk for Water

k.a+ Cat collected me at 7.45am with a car packed full of picnic goodies. We were heading out to Spier for the Live Earth Walk for Water fund-raiser.  We made a quick stop at Olympia for some very fresh French loaf and then headed off to Stellenbosch. Via Baden Powel Drive. It’s much, much quicker that way, mrb. Just so you know! 😉

Of course, unprepared as I was I had no shorts and the day was starting to get really warm – so luckily for me, Cat lent me her shorts, which was a huge ftw! We collected our free T-shirts, headed back to the car to change and then made our way to the start line for the 6km run / walk. Some eager beavers did actually run the whole 6kms. We didn’t, of course… there was way too much beauty to behold en-route, to just rush past it all!

We made it back and found that we couldn’t take in any of our picnic goodies or drinks into the concert area because they preferred that you fork out a small fortune on what they were selling. 20 bucks for 1/2 a beer just didnt seem worth it.  We had brought along a couple of cold savannahs and k.a + I decided that we draw the line there: Booze – Line – Parlotones. To which smarty pants Cat said something about not drawing lines in the first place. I dont know, but as it turned out, the line shifted: Parlotones – line – Booze!

The Parlotones

My 4th concert so far and I am a total fan. I *love* their music, their lyrics and stage performance, them! So for me this was totally awesome. They sang all my favourite songs. After an hour of singing and dancing along with them, they had to stop, but were spotted around the back of the concert area chatting to the fans. I got my (sweaty!) t-shirt signed by the whole group (whooopppeeeee!), so did Cat + k.a. I was totally going to pack them into my back-pack, but then the security gave me one of *those* looks… so I just backed away carefully, signed t-shirt on my back. The three of us were so happy, we sang to The Parlotones *all* the way home…

Picnic in Tokai Forest

Because we could not picnic at Spier, we decided to take our goodies (and by now, seriously grumbling tummies) to Tokai Forest. Then we were chucked out of our initial spot (something about picnicking too close to the restaurant!) and found another <better> spot behind a few bushes + trees. We ate bread and drank wine, had cheese and savannahs. It was a perfect end to a perfect day. The weather was still warm, not a breath of wind. Just stunning. ‘cept for that fucking big wasp that tried to eat k.a’s arm. That was a bit freaky.