After another day at Builders Warehouse (were you there too??) we came home + unpakced the car. mrb did the right thing after a day like today by making off with his board + his kite heading for the wind swept beach.

Within minutes I got a frantic call from mrs.m demanding that I come over and drink wine on the balcony right away. Of course I obliged. 🙂 From the balcony in Simon’s Town using some magical mega-zoom lens, we managed to take photos of Glencairn Beach where mrb + j.o’d were spotted rolling up their kites! Pretty impressive!

Later, while mrs.m cooked a delicious dinner, the boys were going over the tech. specs. for their (*surprise*) for Afrika Burn. 🙂 I think its going to be awesome. Us girls, of course, are just waiting for a complete product so that we can decorate it!

After dinner we sat outside and we all talked and talked and talked and then it was midnight. Its amazing how time can just disappear when you are in very good company.  Love you guys xx