Sounds like fun, hey??

Well the shopping part relates to household essentials: And this may become a recurring theme for the next couple of months or so because we are into the final  installment of our alternations (YAY!). These began back in June 2009 and have various “natural disasters. Because of this, we have stopped and started this project so many times. We are now back in the ‘started’ phase again.

So Saturday was spent shopping for bathroom tiles, basins, accessories (etc!!) We even managed to find a fridge + a stove – mission accomplished!

Saturday evening also awesome. I was invited to a Hawaiian party. For ka’s daughter who will be a whole decade old soon. There were lots of colourful leis (which gave me an idea for Afrika Burn), lots of hyperactive children (generally not my favourite) but I was good and hid with the big people.

Oh! And there was also the new bottle of “Giant Mistake” which ka & I took down. We loved every sip of it. Even though I am a ‘Gigantic’ Parlotones fan, I dont think that I am being biased in saying that it was delicious. And whats best is I bought it at my local Woolworths, so I can pop in any time to replace it. YAY!