On Wednesday the 7th of April I made a life changing decision. My (quite often) better 1/2 (mrb) has been nagging me for a long time to quit my job and take some time off.

Initially I was very resistant to the idea (dumb, I know now). But after too much work related stress making me a very miserable person I decided: Today is the day.

I have begun to count down the days until my release date. From now on, I will begin unwinding, relaxing, figuring out who I am and what I enjoy.

I’ll make more time available to me, to mrb. I’ll actually start doing all the cool things I ‘intended’  to do.  I will catch up on all my books that need to be read. I will get to the beach. I will sleep in. I’ll start painting again and I’ll learn how to use a proper camera. I’ll blog and learn more about putting together websites. I’ll start riding my motorbike again. Hell, with all my free time, I might even learn to .. um.. cook something? Perhaps.

In any case I am already looking at life through new eyes and I’ll be sharing all the cool things I see along with the way.